What a Ballpark for a Milwaukee DJ?

To current or past brides, what's kind of a ballpark at what you were looking at for Milwaukee DJ's.

Our wedding is about a year out, and our venue has an exclusive contract with a DJ service.  I have not been overly impressed wth this DJ service and now they are saying the fee is approx $1400 for the day (about 5 hours).  They haven't really provided what that entails equipement wise or anything else.  The email I did recieve was basically, give us your deposit and we'll give you an online login.  You fill out our forms online, and 10 days before we'll decide who your DJ is.  I'm not a big fan of the lack of communication and just wondered if this is normal with other DJ services?

Re: What a Ballpark for a Milwaukee DJ?

  • I'm going with Muzic in Motion, and that's about how much I paid, and it includes cocktail hour through the reception. (5pm-12pm) In addition to the DJing it includes some uplighting, and I took advantage of a promotion they were running to have lights strung from the ceiling of our venue.

    They have a form that we fill out (paper, not online), and then a month or so out from the wedding they have a class that we go to on what to expect, and they go over our form. (what not to play, special songs, etc)

    We have already done an in-person walk through at the venue to decide where the lighting will go.
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    Let's be real here...they're probably really busy with all of the upcoming June and July weddings. Five Saturdays in June is just nuts for people in the wedding industry. Can you wait until August and then inquire a bit more?


  • Oh I understand they're busy and we aren't trying to get into details.  We were just trying to get an idea what is offered so we can start to fix our budget and see where we can give or take on items.  We also saw much more being offered by the DJ company during our tasting such as lighting, photobooth etc.  There was no add on information provided, just this is it.  Which is surprising as the venue/caterer gave us a large detailed package when we first talked and it's all within the same family. 

    We did talk to the catering manager today and we did misunderstand the email as the price is $1150 for the reception and the addition $250 is if you need them for your wedding.  This makes me feel better as that is around where I estimated DJ in the budget.

  • We are going with with Midwest Sound (they were recommended by Davians in Menomonee Falls, which is where we plan to have our reception). Our package is 2 hours of dinner music and 4 hours or dance music. The package is work almost $900 but they were running a special around the time we were looking and got the package half off for only $445. It was too hard to turn down.
  • I am also going with Midwest Sound...7 hours of music in total for $700.  I thought that was a great deal compared to other places we talked to.  Everyone at Midwest Sound has been great to work with too!
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  • just curious what wedding venue you are using and what the DJ service is, my wedding venue also has an exclusive DJ that already has their equipment set up and so far i was impressed with what i saw and heard.
  • The Venue is the Miller Room and the DJ is DJ's on the Mix.  We were pretty impressed with their presentation at our tasting.  The contact afterwards was not the same.

    We are still very impressed with our Caterer/Venue and she has cleared up some of our concerns on the DJ.  So I'm just going with previous good reviews and believing everything is going to be alright.

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    I was just about to ask who the venue was when I saw it is the same as ours. We are getting married there this October. We can't wait! Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I can tell you more about what we are doing.

  • We are going with a personal touch DJ services and paying $995 which includes 2 DJs for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and reception. Total will be about 8 hours.
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    Definitely shoot me an email. We are having our wedding at the Miller Room and I can give you some good advice on the DJ.
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