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Vow renewal? Small ceremony? Need some help figuring this out.

Hey all, here's the lowdown.

My husband and I are dual active duty Marines who never had time for a wedding because of his deployments.  We have been married almost two years but I want a wedding/vow renewal before I start blasting out kids at the cyclic rate ;).  Hubby is in Afghanistan until next May so this is also as much as a coming home party for him as it is a wedding celebration for us(he will have been gone a year). 

I don't need a huge crazy wedding with bridesmaids and a registry or a bachelorette party or fancy invitations or flowers or assigned seating. I want something small, intimate, with family and close friends.  I believe less is more in that respect.  We are interested in Charleston, South Carolina for a venue.  I know how to teach someone to shoot but I'm super lost planning this and I seriously don't know where to start.  So I would appreciate any help-private messages are awesome.  Thanks ladies :)

Re: Vow renewal? Small ceremony? Need some help figuring this out.

  • I would plan a family BBQ or, in the Charleston area, a low country boil and have a vow renewal with in that.  I would find a reputable wedding planner and go from there.  
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    You already had a wedding, so as @iluvmytxrgr posted, have a wonderful party to celebrate his homecoming and your recent marriage. I suggest you look at a recent post on the E board, "Does anyone else not really have a problem with PPDs" to get a few ideas on how not to do it. Congrats and good luck!
  • You did have a lovely wedding. Two people in love commited themselves together for life - that's a lovely wedding.

    Ditto PP's on just having a party. I LOVE big giant anniversary parties. We've been to a few of these - both times, the wife has worn an awesome dress (one wore a to-die-for floor length champagne dress, one wore a killer red cocktail dress), they cut a fancy cake, did a "spotlight dance," and toasted each other. Then it basically looked like any other reception minus the first dances, garter, bouquet, giant white dress, and bridesmaids. I've had a blast at both of these parties.

    If you're insisting on a vow renewal ceremony, this website is a good reference. www.idotaketwo.com

  • Thanks for the advice everyone!  Actually, the inlaws and my parents are the ones pushing for this but I refuse to have anything big-it's silly now, and unnecessary. 

    However, the first time around was at a very weird "church", I looked terrible and my father in law took awful pictures.  No one from my family was there.  It was when we were both on leave from Okinawa after John got back from deployment #1. It was not "a lovely wedding" more lie a formality. It was NOT at all what we wanted-but in the military you have to make do. 

    Either way I feel more like I've been pointed in the right direction :)


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