My FI and I can't agree on a ceremony site.

I've always had my heart set on an outdoor ceremony, and I thought my FI wanted it outdoors as well, but almost two months into the planning he told me he'd rather get married in his church, which happens to have bright-red, wall-to-wall carpeting that classes with our colors. He says he's also open to having the ceremony on the church's side lawn, but it's rather small and is on a street corner with fairly constant traffic. Any ideas on how I can compromise with him on our ceremony site? Help!

Re: My FI and I can't agree on a ceremony site.

  • Unfortunately, if the side lawn won't work, I don't think you can truly compromise on the issue since there isn't much in between inside the church and outside someplace not at the church.  One of you will have to give in to the other's wishes.

    If pictures are your concern, is there a place nearby where you could go for outdoor pictures so that you're not dealing with the red carpet for your formal pictures?  A good photographer who has decent editing skills should also be able to play with the coloring if it stands out in pictures.  You could use an aisle runner to break the color of the red aisle.

    I don't think I've ever been to a church wedding where the bride/groom tried to work with the interior colors of the church.  I don't think I could even tell you what the insides of those churches looked like because I was more focused on the bride and groom and not on the unimportant details of the room's decor.
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    I agree with the white runner for the aisle and maybe even another one for the front of the church where you will all be standing. I would think that would make a better palette for your dresses. Good luck.
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