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7-13-13 ladies!! to do lists and such

I can't believe our big day is in FIVE DAYS!!!!!

I hope you ladies are having a good week. I, on the other hand, have been dealing with credit card fraud all day that won't be fixed until after the honeymoon, and my uncle passed away yesterday. Hopefully Saturday will just be a ray of sunshine in this rainy week!

Anyway, didn't mean to bring things down... I have SO MUCH TO DO!! What about you ladies?

Here is what I have left:
finish & print wedding programs
pack for honeymoon
make nail appt
finish fi's boudoir album
pay florist
buy wine for bridesmaids
buy mom & dad gifts
email bakery picture by wednesday
buy gold studs for second piercings
pack mexican money
buy cool dress hanger
make cards for bridesmaids & fi
robes for bridesmaids
write speech
wax appt thursday
make a cd of special songs for dj
make day of timeline 
buy new mascara 
whiten teeth


Re: 7-13-13 ladies!! to do lists and such

  • drg424drg424 member
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    Good luck!

    I am July 12 - four days left! We are basically all set, although I am currently emailing back and forth with photographer and DJ to try to figure out a reception timeline - oops, was I supposed to be in charge of that? /sighs

    I do still need to:

    -pick up dress
    -get parent's gifts
    -finish BM/GM gifts
    -pick up tuxes
    -communicate to family/wedding party about rehersal plans (which are Wed. LOL)
    -keep an eye out for Thank You signs to come via fedex
    -pack for the beach (leaving after reception)

    I think that's about it for now! Crazy times! I am at work feeling super naseous, too, which I am equating to wedding stress and work stress and not to the fact that FI and I "kinda" tried to have a baby this month - LOL what a trip would that be.

  • Oh my gosh! I could not imagine trying to have a baby amidst all this planning... It sounds like you don't have much left to do! Congrats!
  • I am July 12th and I just finished a bunch of stuff today!! I had a little DYI party with my MOH and FMIL(it was a good time).  We have to:

    touch up our Mr. & Mrs. letters
    put together centerpieces once flowers get it(they are simple)
    Get nails done (thursday)
    make some final payments
    set up the farm we are getting married at and have rehearsal dinner on Thursday

    Almost done!!
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  • Wheeewwwww...... Our big day is approaching quick!!!! Seems like yesterday we was so excited about being 90 days away (LOL!) now look us, we are less than 7 days away. To-do list: -print programs -finish bp gifts (DIY gift bags) -finish parents gifts (print pics & buy frames) -pick up dress from cleaners -get my sons hair cuts -mani/pedi -pack (overnight stay with bp party & honeymoon) -complete slideshows -clean house & laundry -GET MARRIED!!! ❤❤❤
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  • @NateandJustine, Congrats! Sounds like you're on the ball with everything! I'd love to see pics when you get back!

    @Price4life, I know!!! I can't fully wrap my mind around the fact that it's in FOUR days!! So you're making programs yourself too? Mine have been a real headache... Three new printer cartridges... 
  • I'm on the 19th and there's still so much to do!  AAAHHH!

    But on the bright side, FI got his suit yesterday!  YAY!  We finally found something he liked and we bought everything he needed for it!  BIG sigh of relief!  The only thing he needs is the pants hemmed.  I FINALLY found a bra!  Another HUGE relief for me!  I looked everywhere to find a strapless, corsetted bra, but DB never had my size in stock and everywhere else was crap.  But I got lucky yesterday-they had it there!  I'm so happy we have those figured out that I can't even think about what else needs to be done right now!

  • @wittykitty14, that's very exciting!! Another DB bride here understanding your dilemma! 
  • another 13th bride here! i also still need to...

    ~finish and print programs
    ~pick up dress (tomorrow)
    ~pick up flowers (thursday)
    ~finish DIY stuff (tomorrow and thursday)
    ~parent gifts (yikes...kinda accidentally forgot about this stuff!)
    ~pack up everything and sort stuff based on who's bringing what...
    ~eyebrows on thursday
    ~nails on friday
    ~crap ton of other stuff on friday!

    yikes... i'm glad you guys have a lot of the same other stuff as me! :)

    good luck fellow second weekend ladies!!
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