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Gift opening guests

Hi everyone!  Who are you inviting to the gift opening?  We are having it at our house the next morning, but I don't know who should be included.  Thanks!

Re: Gift opening guests

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    Ooh! I didn't know it was an organized "thing."

    We are headed to the beach and will just open them when we get back - I don't think we are having anyone over!

    Sigh...four days away from my wedding and I'm still learning about things I didn't know to plan for :)

  • We aren't doing a gift opening. But I would imagine you'd want to keep it very intimate, maybe just immediate family.

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  • I was thinking the same, thanks!

    @drg congrats!!
  • We're not doing anything like that but I've heard of it before. I think usually it's just parents (think super intimate).
  • We just did it privately with my parents and our son, and it was really nice to have a small crowd and not have to worry about pleasing people or anything since we have been entertaining out of town guests all week long.
  • We're not doing a gift opening thing.  We figure there's really no need, and we're just going to do it alone.

    I'd probably just stick with immediate family.

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