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What are some Great Engagement Gifts for Him?

UndecidedHello. I have heard that some fiance's give their men an engagement present which he can show off while the girl shows off her ring. I really like that idea and wanted to hear if anyone else had did that had any gift suggestions.
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Re: What are some Great Engagement Gifts for Him?

  • I've never heard of such a thing. I have heard some men like wearing e-rings themselves, so I suppose if your FI really wanted something, you could get him a ring.

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  • It is a tradition in my family that the lady give her new fiance a gift, but never anything that he shows off. My Grandad got a signent ring, NOT a mangagement ring, my father got a snowmobile, and my fiance got a Savage 30 odd 6, and no he does not carry it around and show it off.
  • I got FI and very nice camera as an E present, but he doesn't show it off.
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  • I gave my fiance a new set of golf clubs for an "engagement gift." I didn't feel like I had to get him something and it's not a tradition in our families or anything. It was just something I wanted to do for him.
  • A new toy (snowblower, tv, game console, ATV) or sentimental thing (watch, ring) are things I've heard of as a gift for the man.

  • I gave my FH a IPad2 and a new toolbox for the shop.  He has been eyeing it for months and wouldn't buy it because he was "saving".  I will probably get him something else but idk yet.
  • Hello,

    My FI's birthday was about 15 days after he proposed.  So for his birthday I went way overboard... thus, I understand the feeling of wanting to reciporate with an extra nice gesture.

    I got him some Ray Bans, two bottles of really nice red wine, a magazine subscription, some shirts, etc.  (The wine is bottle by Bell winery and is a San Diego Chargers label wine.  He loved it!)

    The funny thing is - he refers to his sunglasses as his engagement gift.  They let him see the world through his new eyes; with a new viewpoint.

    Good luck!
  • i surprised him with a springfield 1911. he had no idea that i even had my FOID licence so he was very surprised. he doesn't show it off to anyone, and he is even nervous to go shooting with it because it's so clean and perfect right now.
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  • I just got engaged and I want to get my FI a gift. (He got me a great ring so why not right!?) I was thinking along the lines of a watch or cufflinks. Not anything he would flash around to friends but not something he would typically buy for himself either.
  • I took my FI to the World Series game one last fall.  I don't even like baseball, and it was amazing.  I'm a big fan of making a memory together rather than getting one item...and I don't think I would like my FI wearing essentially a wedding band before we are married.  


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  • I got my FI a pair of Oakley sunglasses he has been eyeing.  Not something for him to show off, just a sign of appreciation for the effort he put into my ring and proposal.
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