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So I am on a small budget and need a cake to feed 200 people. Does anyone know of a bakery around New London/ Tilton, or heck anywhere in the state that can make me a cake of that size for less than $500?
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  • I'm not familiar with a bakery in Tilton personally, but, I can suggest that for your budget, why not do a very small cake for you and your groom for the cake cutting ceremony, and have sheet cakes in the back to cut up? You should be able to meet your budget that way and it's very common to do that.

    Another way to do it is have very simple cupcakes surrounding a small cutting cake. Not necessarily this design, but something like this: Cupcake Wedding Cakes

     I trump all the Kitties with cuteness!!! Bhahahahaha!!!

  • My mom used to be a professional baker and she said they do that all the time. Making a small cake (1 or 2 tiers) for the cake cutting part and then having a sheet cake out back that they cut up and put out for the guests to eat. You could go for that and its probably way more affordable.
  • I would talk to Jacques Pastries, they are in Suncook.  We have had every event cake done by them, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, gender reveals.  They are actually really reasonably priced and work very hard to stay in your budget.  We had a cake to feed 150 people, and I don't think we spent more than 350.  Plus they really do an amazing job.  Good luck.
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  • Check out Gilford Gourmet if you're still looking! She is a full time teacher who does wedding cakes on the side, and they are DELICIOUS and reasonable (about half of what Jacques quoted me, and her cake tasted much better). She also makes cheesecake, which other places like Jacques won't do. She's making our cake, which has layers of red velvet and cheesecake :)

    She does mostly simply decorated cakes, so if you're looking for something really ornate then you might have to look elsewhere and spend more. But if you're just looking for something simple and classic like we were (we're going to have ribbons at the base of each layer and place flowers that match my bouquet down the side) then I'd definitely recommend them.
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