Just because I'm plus sized... I feel like I can't have that "Say Yes To The Dress" Experience.

I'm a 30W and I wish I could go into a bridal boutique and know I could try on a few gowns....
In New England, does anyone know of anyplace I could do that?

Re: Just because I'm plus sized... I feel like I can't have that "Say Yes To The Dress" Experience.

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    David's and Alfred Angelo have plus size gowns in stock and are in your area. Call and inquire before setting up your appointment.
  • What i did was search the forums in my city for Plus Sized. Usually a few other brides have asked the same questions and someone usually has some good suggestions. Also try Callista Bridal. They sometimes go up to 30 as well, and they have plus sized models. I love seeing gowns on real plus sized models. 

    Hope that helps!!!!
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  • How far are you willing to go and how much do you want to spend?  Kleinfeld actually does carry plus size samples if you are willing to take a trip to NY.

    Here is a link that has a list of stores that specialize in plus size gowns:

    Are you willing to hop on a train and head down to DC?  I have heard amazing things about curvy girls bridal.  

    I will say though... if you are a size 30 in street clothes, you may have some issues buying a gown, unless you get a ball gown or A-line.  My suggestion is either travel to one of those stores, or call your local Alfred Angelo signature store.  AA goes up to 32w in most dresses. That will be a 28-30 street size. Just ask them if they have any of those samples in the store.

    Also, keep in mind, for trying dresses on, you will likely fit into a 24-26 in samples. They just won't close in the back... but unless it's a mermaid, you'll still be able to try them on.


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    where in new england are you i am a new england bride and i can help you

    bridal bells is located in berlin connecticut.. i am a 22 street size and she had gowns from a size 20-30w that i could try on and fit into i had over 15 gowns that i liked that i tried on bought my gown from them  she carrys morliee juletta line for plus and has some venus she does not have all of her dresses online but just  a small sampling of styles she carries 

    mary and tux in nashua new hampshire- also has selection of plus size gowns you can try on

    country bridal in jaffrey new hampshire has the bonny unforgettble line its their plus line- another knottie i think went here and she said they had over 75 gowns in plus

    botticelli bridal in providence ri has gowns in real sizes  this is a plus size only store that has everything from bridal gowns to pants and shirts reall plus size gowns. 

    bridal corner in chicope ma- they have plus size gowns and larger plus sizes juletta and bonny are the lines they carry for plus as well as some other designers

    stars of avon- avon connecticut, if you can wait till august they have 2 dozen plus size gowns coming in 

    hope this helps you.. i went to 3 stores one bridal consigment and the other 2 bridal, my first salon best experience ever second salon did not get my vison and the plus gowns were mixed in with the regular gowns and they did not have much for me to try on... 

    it is well worth the drive to find the dress of your dreams make it fun day take 2-3 of your closest family or friends with you to try on dresses 

  • I'm also a New England bride, and I had the same fears.  I'm a size 26, and I dreaded dress shopping.  My first place I went was Alfred Angelo, and I feel in love with a dress.  Since then I've been shopping around (my wedding isn't until Oct 2014 so I have time) and I've definitely ran into a few salons that when I ask if they have plus size they say sure, they have 18s, 20s and some 22s.  Pft, that's not going to fit me. LOL.  I can usually get into a 22 or 24 with them clipping me so I have an idea of what it looks like.  It's still very difficult.  By far the best experience I've had so far has been at the Alfred Angelo in Danvers Ma.  It's been great, and I'm actually in love with two dresses there.  I'm going to Mary and Tux next weekend and a couple shops around the Boston, NH area.  Don't get yourself down, we all deserve to have that "say yes to the dress" moment.  Here's a couple around the Boston area that I've scoped out but haven't been to: 

    Giggis Boutique- near Worcester MA
    Botticelli- Providence RI 

    Just a word of warning: make sure you ask a store how many dresses they have in plus size.  I called a store and asked if they had my size dresses, they said yes.  And then I showed up and they only had 5 dresses above a size 18, and I hated all but 1...quickest appointment ever, and not worth the drive. 
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