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Help I originally had market street all set up to do my flowers, the lady I have been working with is kind of being flaky she won't return my calls, or e-mails I have decided not to use her I am afraid she will do that closer to my wedding. So my question is I am on a $3000 budget for flowers. We are having our wedding at the tribute and expecting around 200. Any recommendations of florist within that price range :) thank you


  • With that kind of budget, you could probably go to a florist as opposed to a grocery store. Is that something you're interested in? We have lots of great recs for local florists.
  • I agree.  Some of the popular florists here:

    Out of the Garden (cwagg and I both used and loved, and I'm pretty sure both of us were WAY under $3K)
    Lilypad (although they've had some bad reviews, so just be careful)
  • DiFiori is probably my favorite florist going right now along with Branching Out Events.  Also a Knottie I am friends with that had her wedding at the Tribute used Kathy Seeley with Grand Events as both her florist and DOC and her flowers were gorgeous.
  • I used Ashlilium and loved everything! She is super artistic. I also priced out Haute Floral and Luxe Petals and they would be in your budget range. Joie with Luxe has a really, really fantastic portfolio. You can always make something work for $3000, it just depends on how intricate of designs you want and how many pieces. Good luck!
  • Yep, I used Out of the Garden, and I couldn't have been happier. I will say, I also got a quote from Difiori for about the same things, and it was quite a bit more expensive. I'm not saying it wouldn't be worth it, just not something we could afford. Both were great to meet with.
    Flowers are the one thing that are hard to get a grasp on price until you have a consultation and get a quote. But 3000 is way over our budget, so I think you would be fine.
  • I got quotes from Out of the Garden, Difiori, and a couple others I can't remember at the moment.  I gave them our budget - which is about half yours - and let them tell us what they could do with that amount.  All of them came up with great ideas but we chose Difiori because their style is closest to the look I was wanting.  You can certainly afford a great florist at that budget. 

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  • Market Place is horrible. I went to a wedding and moist of the flowers were dead. I recommend Coco Fleur out of Denton. The owner's name is Lisa Hamm and she is very good.
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