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plans for your dress after?

Hi!  I was wondering if you had any plans of what you are going to do with your dress after the wedding.  Are you going to sell it?  Are you going to clean it and box it up?  Are you going to hang it on your wall (my grandma's suggestion)?  

My girlfriend got married last fall.  I am in 10 days (WAHOO!!!!)  We have decided after my wedding her and her husband are going to come over for drinks to our house one night.  And the both of us will be drinking in our wedding dresses :)  I don't know what else to do with it after that.  I think I love it too much to sell it.  

What are your plans?

Re: plans for your dress after?

  • My moms geting it cleaned and preserved in a box with a plasticy window so ill be able to see it! 
  • For now probably just preserved in a box. Later? I have big plans to display it in an awesome walk in closet that I currently don't own.
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  • I think I will have it preserved in the hopes that I will one day have a daughter who will want to wear it... :) 
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  • I like the idea of a window on the box so you can see it :)  I am sure I will probably have it preserved as well.  Hate the idea of getting rid of it
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    I'm going to have it cleaned and hang on to it in hopes of a future daughter to sue it for dress up. I'm not going to have it preserved as I don't expect her to want to wear it for her wedding - it just doesn't seem very common any more - even tho it would be awesome if she did :-) Or I have considered donating it. My sister's friend talked about churches that have a few dresses that everyone shares bc they can't afford to buy their own.
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    I am planning to sell mine. It's not traditional.. it's blush pink! I have had a couple of people ask me if they could buy it, and I think that I would like for someone else to be able to enjoy the dress :)
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  • I am planning on preserving it for my daughter to wear
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    Just out of curiosity - did anyone wear/ plan to wear their mother's dress? 
    My mom's was stained in a flood and she got rid of it because it was simple and she didn't think any of us (3 daughters) would want to wear it. I would not have fit in it - she was a size 2 at best back then!
    But do you wish you could have worn your mom's dress and that's why you think your daughter will wear it? 
    I'm just curious (not judging at all) as I have only been to one wedding in my entire life where the bride wore her mom's dress. It is an awesome gesture, but seems less common these days.
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  • I have heard of some girls taking a part of their mother's dress and incorporating it into their own.  I like that idea.  
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    my mom's dress was high neck, long sleeved, and yellow when she took it out of the box in the attic a few years ago.  my little cousins played dress up in it for a while, then we threw it away.  I have no idea what to do with it, or how sentimental I will feel afterwards. Maybe donate it so someone less fortunate can also enjoy the dress
  • I just want to keep it because maybe she would like to wear it. I suppose I could try and sell it. Or donate it. But if she even wants something small from it then that would be great. I am the first married in my family so I didn't have anything to be passed down to me
  • I plan on having it cleaned/preserved in hopes of having a daughter that will wear it someday. It's fairly traditional and shouldn't scream "2013!!" in 30 years, so there's a chance I'll have a daughter who will wear it (if they're short enough, my DH is 6'6" and I fear our girls, if we have them, will be really tall.) I've also considered having the train cut off and made into a christening gown for our future children, but I cannot bring myself to go chopping it up just yet. 

    Even if my daughter doesn't want to wear it, my seamstress sewed 5 charms into it when she put in the bustle that I can cut out and have sewn in to my sister's, daughter's, granddaughter's dress when the time comes. 
  • I was going to get a used dress and then do a trash the dress shoot in it. But then, I got a brand new duchess satin ball gown that I can't stand the idea of messing up! But I'm also not one to keep stuff, so I'll probably sell it for a fifth of the price so another gal can feel as pretty as I did :)
  • I'm getting mine preserved but I do one day want to put it in a large shadow box to have displayed in my home.
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