George Street Photography - Bad Experience

We just had a very bad experience with George Street Photography, because of it we canceled with them.  I feel good about the decision, but sad at the same time because we had canceled standing meetings with other photographers we loved since George Street was so pushy to get a decision.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


We had our consultation and really loved the photographer offered and their package.  The consultant was kind of pushy continually calling even though I asked her to wait until after our meeting with other photographers.  She even called while I was traveling for business pulling me out of a meeting.  I asked her to call next week and again she called before I could even get on my flight home.  This is all ok though, the consultant was just doing her job trying to close the sale.  I can understand that. 


She notified us another couple was looking at our photographer for the same date, we should make a decision now.  This could be a sales tactic or not but we decided to go ahead and book then.  The consultant was contacted on Tuesday, we agreed upon the contract and I told her due to business travel a down payment could not be placed until Friday.  She approved all this in writing, a hold was put on our photographer until end of month (the following Sunday) and we moved forward with signing the contract.  The down payment was made and confirmed as agreed upon on Friday.  I received a call 30 minutes after the down payment was made stating our photographer was already booked a few hours earlier and we would have to choose another photographer.  This is incredibly disappointing to us and completely unacceptable business practice.  We had a hold and expected date of payment set with the company, we honored our payment date, they didn’t honor their hold. 


To George Street’s credit they tried to rectify the situation by offering other photographers with album upgrades or additional hours of coverage.  We are choosing not to move forward with them as we don’t have faith in their commitments.  I am just disappointed we lost a photographer we loved and also cancelled on other photographers of choice because of George Streets push to close the sale that wasn’t followed through on.

I guess a word to the wise be very clear in working with studios I just found they aren’t very clear between consultants about what is going on.  Now I get to start over finding a photographer.        

Re: George Street Photography - Bad Experience

  • Sorry that you had such a bad experience with them.  We weren't impressed at all after our consultation, but the sales person still called several times....even though I finally told her that we went with someone else.

    Not sure where you are, but we went with Matt Mason out of Lake Geneva and have been really pleased with his style of commnication thus far.  Good luck!

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