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feeling a little stressed....

9 days to go, and I am getting knots in my stomach! I'm doing a 'simple' package with my wedding/reception venue, and therefore the officiant won't contact me until Monday, along with the DJ, AND the coordinator. I don't know why they make me wait till the last minute to discuss the details... but I am trying to just make sure everything else is handled with the florist, bakery, photographer, and wedding party. I am really excited though and trying to stay calm! Anyone else have any last minute things they are doing? 

wooooosaaaaaa.... ;)
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Re: feeling a little stressed....

  • I am a little stressed as well :)  I am trying to take it one day at a time.  

    I have to finish printing off the escort cards and pick up a few last minute gifts.  
  • I'm at 8 days! Last minute things:

    1. Ordering beer from BevMo
    2. Writing out escort cards
    3. Painting chalkboard signs for reception
    4. Booking wedding night hotel
    5. Arranging transportation for my dog from the ceremony back to our apartment

    The stress is normal, or so I've been told... just take things one minute at a time. That's what I'm doing. :)
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  • You are not alone. I don't have much to do but I still started having nightmares in the past week that stuff won't go right. :( I have my last day before pampering stuff to do like nails and stuff like that. I'm sure the venue you chose does it like that all the time. So they will have everything under control for you. congrats!!
  • I have 8 days left and its all comin together but there definitely is some stress!!! I feel like I need to micromanage everything to make sure NOTHING goes wrong lol. Trying to let go of those control issues is harddd!! :)
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    Congrats to all of you ladies!!! We can do this! We have put so much effort into everything and I am just ready to enjoy all of my hard work! :) I have 8 days and I am gonna get everything done this weekend so I can try to relax next week. I have been having nightmares too, so I am going to take a sleep aid this next week so that I can get some GOOD rest! :) Good luck to all of you!!! I hope everything goes as planned and that everything is exactly what you have dreamed of! :)
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  • Stress is totally normal. But everything will work itself out. Can't wait to here the details
  • I woke up at 3am with my stomach twisted up!! Lol. A sleep aid sounds like a good idea!
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