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I don't think we're going to meet our food minimum, so I have a few different options I'm trying to choose from. We currently have two passed appetizers and two cold app stations, so I think we can easily add on there, because I love appetizers. They offer a "late night snack" option of burgers/hot dogs/fries or pizza, but with a 7:00 dinner and reception ending at 11:00, it seems like that might go to waste. They also have a variety of additional dessert items that look delicious.

Any suggestions? I'm not sure yet how close we'll be to the minimum, but we'll definitely go for the chocolate covered strawberries. Beyond that I'd be inclined to  add more apps or desserts, but do people really love the late night snacks?

Re: Upgrade ideas

  • I personally would love the late night snacks.
  • I think late night snacks are a regional thing. I had never seen it here in the PA/NYC area. I've only seen it at a wedding I went to in Illinois. At that wedding, it was a total waste because more than half the guest list never knew there would be a late night snack or was hungry for it. 

    My favorite upgrade is a Venetian hour. 

    My venue offered upgrades for fruit & cheese display, nicer passed apps (things like baby lamb chops, filet mignon sliders, etc), a raw bar, mashed potato bar, ice cream sundae bar, better coffee/tea service with dessert (more flavored coffees, whiskey, Baileys, etc to make alcoholic drinks, chocolate spoons, etc). 
  • After dancing I would love the late night snack option!
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  • I would like that late night snack more than more apps
  • I think a popcorn bar as late night snacks is cool. I've also been to a wedding that had tacos as a late night snack and they were delicious!

    I would add another passed app or two. Add a signature cocktail or upgrade the bar to top shelf. I'd also do dessert stations if you have it in the budget. Creme brulee stations are awesome and entertaining.

  • Full disclosure, I've never been to a wedding with a late night snack so I can't speak for the majority of guests, but every wedding I've been to I have had the thought around 10:30 or 11 that it would be awesome if there was a little something to eat. 
  • I'd go for the late night snacks.  We had mini lobster rolls (got married on the ocean in MA).  Some people ate them there, but we had the venue package the rest up and hand them to guests as they left.  My husband and I didn't attend the after party, but I heard that by the end of the night the lobster rolls were gone and were a great way to absorb that alcohol imbibed at the after party.

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