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I'm a MRS.!

Hello ladies!

I can finally say after 8 and half years of being together and 1 and half years of planning, I had my wedding and I am a married woman. Whew! I swear everything leading up to the wedding was so stressful but the actual ceremony was wonderful. Nothing was perfect and a lot of things did not go as planned but it was still memorable and beautiful. 

The day before we had the rehearsal. Nothing went right, DH was shorted on his work check that day so he ended up needing to take a trip to a friend 45 minutes away to get money from a friend to pay the rest of our balances. We ended up having the rehearsal without him because he was stuck in traffic. Only one of his groomsmen was able to make it to the rehearsal. After the rehearsal we were suppose to bbq but DH came in late so we ended up bbq at our apartment. Then we were trying to figure out the iternary for the next day and everyone in the room ended up getting in an argument. So yea, the day before sucked.

Day of there was so much to do, i needed to get my nails, hair and make up done. And DH needed to finish placing the place cards and pick up the cake. We didn't talk to each other at all that day. I stopped by the venue and noticed my MIL changing everything around. She said all the decorations that DH and I chose were ugly and too plain. I didn't let that bother me. I just left and continued to do what I needed to do. Ceremony ran late because MIL was no where to be found for 45 min. The wrong song played while the parents were being seated. I lost my written vows and spoke from the heart. And the wrong song played when it was time for the recessional. I did not have my crown on. And forgot to bustle my dress for the reception. We ran out of time for our first dance, and ended up not throwing the bouquet or garter because we needed to change into native clothing. All this bad, but believe it or not the day was wonderful. Everyone was correct when they said that all that mattered was that I was marrying my best friend. 

Good luck to all of the other July 2013 Brides. They have already recommended that I move on to the Nest. 

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