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Engagement Photos!

Good Evening Everyone!
So far I have been relatively quiet on the board but I just wanted to thank everyone on here because without the board and all of you my wedding planning wouldn't be pretty much complete 11 months in advance! :)
My fiance and I are getting married at Caesars Palace (Juno Garden) on June 6th of 2014. We are definitely regulars to Vegas so I had a pretty good idea of where everything was but during our trip last month we visited all of our venues; the Juno Garden at Caesars which was amazing and we also visited PJ Clarkes where we will be having our reception and the food and location was amazing as well! I'm getting so excited for next year! Todd with Bentley and Wilson will be taking our wedding photos and we had him do our engagement photos while we were out there last month too so I had to share a few of my favorites! :)
Thanks again to everyone! 

Re: Engagement Photos!

  • These are awesome! Happy planning! Glad to hear that you are happy with Juno Garden. I am getting married there to but have not seen it in person.
  • Its very pretty and rest assured it looks EXACTLY like the pictures. Our wedding is at 5 PM in June so I was pretty worried about heat but it has a nice breeze that blows through there and will be pretty much shaded in the late afternoon/evening hours! :)
  • That's funny! That's the same time I'm getting married. Our wedding is October 12, 2013. I am sure that it will be a perfect temperature at that time of evening.
  • First, you guys are adorable!

    Secondly - thanks for sharing!  I am also getting married at the Juno Gardens (11/9/13) and using Todd for photos so I am so happy to hear positive reviews!
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