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stalking registry!

I think I look at least twice a day! I've always been one to like to know things beforehand!! My wedding is on the 20th & I may be going overboard with my curiosity to where it's driving me a little nuts that there isn't anything bought yet! I know everyone doesn't use registries but I jus couldn't help but notice that no movement has happened. Everything for my wedding is pretty much put together and ready to go. So I really just need a different focus. Is there anyone else out there like me?? How do you keep from looking??

Re: stalking registry!

  • I was the sammmme way! I atually just registry stalked ... 6 days AFTER! haha not many people bought off ours (i expected so much).. but it doesnt hurt to creep alittle. no harm, no foul 
  • I have stalked as well :)  I found there wasn't really any activity till the day before the showers, so I imagine it will be the same for the wedding.  But that doesn't stop me from looking more often than I should :)
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    I look at mine pretty often! I am sure lots of people will buy something the day before mine! So then I will have a good idea!! ;)
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  • I didn't stalk until after the wedding to kinda see what I would be expecting in the mail. But I have relieved everything so far. I was kinda disappointed that people bought things that weren't on the registry because I already had those things. But anyways I think it's normally to stalk
  • Yep, I totally stalk! Our wedding is on the 20th too and not much has been purchased off registry since my bridal shower. People waited very last minute for the shower too so I'm sure they'll do the same with the wedding. Really crossing my fingers we don't get too much off registry...it's the thought that counts but I'll feel bad not using/giving away stuff we don't want and I don't want to start off our home hoarding stuff we won't use lol
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  • Well folks there are some things we def needed that came off the list this weekend!! Hahaha! Excited. And I will be ok if iit's all we get! Just relieved there's some activity!! Good Luck to everyone and their new lives
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