Need Suggestions..."special" person dance

I will not be having a father-daughter dance at my wedding. Instead, we've decided to have a "special" dance where my husband will dance with his mom and I will dance with my brother-in-law who has been in my life since I was 5 years old. I am looking for suggestions for a song for this dance. Please help me! :) 

Re: Need Suggestions..."special" person dance

  • I wouldn't call it a "special" dance.  It sounds a bit odd.  I like your idea though!

    Off the top of my head, no specific songs come to mind.  Any songs that are more friendship/platonic love based would probably work.  Are there any special songs between you and BIL or H and his mom?  Any artists they like? 

    I think as long as the song isn't about romance, you should be fine!

  • Louis Armstrong - Wonderful world
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    My FFIL has offered to dance with me since my father won't be in attendance (well, neither of my parents will but that's a whole other story)...we've gotten really close and he has really stepped in and taken on a paternal role towards me. I was very touched when he even offered. ANYWAY...I think we are going to use Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World, too.

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  • "you make me smile" - Uncle Kracker. We're doing this for a similar dance, I'll be dancing with my best guy friend who has been wonderful to me through many years and my fiance's dancing with his best lady friend, who is also one of my bridesmaids. I dunno what you'd call it, "best friend of the opposite sex" dance, but that's a bit wordy.
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    I used Wonderful World too.....but I chose the version by Michael Buble.
  • you've got a friend in me.... 
  • if you are still looking for ideas you can check out this website. our DJ has a free public website with lists of the top song choices in basically every category (mother son, father daughter, first dance, etc.). the link is below. there are a lot of songs so you might find something! i would suggest you pick a few and listen to them, see if the lyrics give you the feeling you want to share with your "special" people :) hope this helps!
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