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Engagement Pictures - Need opinions

Hey Girls!!! How long in advance did you take your e-pics? What does everyone suggest, doing them well in advance to use the pictures for the save-the-dates or to wait until 2 or 3 months before the wedding????? 
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Re: Engagement Pictures - Need opinions

  • I did them beginning of this May (Wedding is next May).  We used them for our Save the Dates.  Only other professional pics we have are from my FSIL wedding last July.  I thought it would be kinda tacky to use them.  I also didn't want to worry about how the STDs would come out because we used pictures taken with iphones lol
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  • Thanks @futuremrsn3312 I'm leaning towards that idea but a few people that i know of that got married recently or are getting married soon have only waited until 2 months before their wedding to get them done. I'm nervous to use a regular taken picture because everyone has already seen all of mine on Facebook so it wont be anything special :( 
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  • We are getting ours done in August for our July 2014 wedding.  We are going to use them for Save the dates as well.  Good luck!
  • I think it's nice to do them early so  you can use them for your STDs (if you want) and for your wedding website. We did ours in January and aren't getting married until April 2014 (long-distance wedding planning added to our timeline...)

    BUT something to keep in mind is that most photographers offer a wedding package that includes an engagement session. So if you do them early - make sure you negotiate with your wedding photographer for a better deal since you're not getting the e-photos.

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    We missed the boat on save the dates and did ours 2 months before our wedding.  We displayed a few at the reception and it gave us a chance to "get comfortable" posing and having our photo professionally taken.  I can't really think of a reason to wait.  Looking back, I would've liked to have them for the STDs.  Good luck!  
  • We plan to do ours in September before it gets cold and our wedding is next June.  We'd like to use them for our STD's but even if we don't it gives us a chance to get comfortable with our photographer.  We just booked him yesterday and we're so excited!!


  • Thanks Girls! I really leaning towards doing them in late Sept or early October to use them for the STDs. My photographer includes them in his package so its already paid for.

     @peaseblossom55 who did you end up booking with? 
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  • My engagement pictures were cancelled 4 times due to the weather. I'm looking at STDs because mine need to go out soon and without engagement pictures they look awful. I would do engagement pictures to use for the STD.
  • @jaz3088 we booked with Jason Rhee.  I am so excited to work with him.  We're probably doing the engagement shoot in central park.


  • @jaz3088 Yea that was another concern of mine.  We're having a long engagement so I also thought it would be silly to wait 22 months into the engagement to do our pics.  Plus if we didn't use them for our STDs I don't know what else I'd do with them lol

    The photographer we met with was unavailable but we used the other photographer that will be shooting our wedding.  It was nice to meet and work with him before the day of.
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    @peaseblossom55 He was my second choice for a photographer but we ended up going with someone else because of a deposit issue. His work is really great. I was looking into Central Park also, let me know how they turn out for you :) 

    @FutureMrsN3312 - another thought of mine, what else would people use them for? lol

    @allie716 - where are you taking your pictures? 
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  • @jaz3088 I will let you know! Thanks


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