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theater wedding ceremony

We're having our ceremony in a local historic theater. Below is a pic of the theater looking out from stage.

I don't know what to use on stage to define the ceremony location.

Any suggestions?





Re: theater wedding ceremony

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    A few floral arrangements and/or stand candleabras?

    I think your guests seeing you on stage will indicate that something's going on...

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    Will you be able to use the theater lighting? A spotlight would bring attention to the ceremony space.
  • The first venue we considered was a local historic theater, and one of the bonus reasons was because it was already so beautiful that I wouldn't have to decorate.

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  • Ok, thanks everyone!!


    The theater is beautiful and I wanted to not really do much to it for decorating and just wasn't sure if that's be weird! Thanks for the reassurance!!

    I will just use the lighting and minimal décor!!!




  • Nope - I actually think it would be weird to do a lot of decorating. It's a beautiful theater; it can speak for itself!
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