September 2014 Weddings

Finally here!

Well, this looks different than TB....

Anyways, I'm finally fuggin' here! Seven years and a kid later.

Our anniversary is on the 23rd, so the closest we're going to get in the immediate future is the 20th of September. We're thinking about doing a Friday night wedding, for $ reasons, of course. We'll have a small wedding, under 50 people, so we might just do a private, intimate dinner at a restaurant nearby instead of a huge reception. I'm planning it myself, although I wish we had the money to spend on a planner because all of this is already stressing me out! On top of it all, we're buying a house in April 2014. It'll be one hell of a year, but bring it on!

Re: Finally here!

  • I'm kinda new here, so what is TB?

    Anyway, HELLO!

    I have been with my fiance for almost 6 years (7 when we get married) and we also have one kid. We are getting married on a Sunday for financial reasons also.

    I wish I could say we are getting a house in 2014 too. You are so lucky.  2014 is going to be lots of changes!
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