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I am getting married next year and looking for someone on Maui to do my makeup and hair.  Jessica Waite's prices are too high for what I want to pay.  Karine said she may be going to France next August.  I am looking for someone who could do airbrush makeup at a good price.  Any good recommendations out there?



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  • Hi, I got married in Maui last Sept. and loved my make up artist.  I also found her via this board so thought I'd pass on the favor.  She listened to what I wanted and I showed her a couple of pics the day of.  She was very responsive and her prices was very reasonable.  I believe it was around $100 plus travel fee if you were on certain parts of Maui.

    Camille Kozuki

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    Good luck!!!

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  • Ry-n Shimabuku. He was AMAZING and so, so friendly! I didn't get airbrush, but I know he can do it. I believe it was around $200 for hair and makeup.

    Maui Mira was another one I thought about going with. We actually ended up renting an air conditioning unit through her (completely worth it), so I did meet her. She was also very friendly and is super talented.
  • I am getting married at Olowalu and no AC. How much was the rental and was it easy to put in and then take out? My wedding is in August so it will be hot.
  • It was kind of pricey, but my dad insisted, so he paid for it. It as $200 for the full day at Olowalu. Plus Mira came and put it in at 10 am, and then came the next day to pick it up. So it is hassle free.

    It is just a one room air conditioner, but it was nice to be able to come and go from that room to cool down. It was 85 the day we got married...so pretty warm.
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