Traveling with wedding dress to Hawaii

Has anyone else traveled with a wedding dress? I just called American Airlines and they said my carry-on item has to fit the 22 or 30 inch criteria. I'm not folding my dress. "Customer service" stated I should arrive early and speak to the gate agent to help me. Any advice would be appreciated!

Re: Traveling with wedding dress to Hawaii

  • I flew Hawaiian, and they told me the same thing on the phone.  When I got on the plane, I asked a flight attendant if they had anywhere I could put it, and they gladly put it in the first class closet (although the closet was pretty small, and it couldn't hang completely).  When I got to Maui I was going to have it steamed but it wasn't bad at all, so I just touched it up with a steamer I brought.  On the way home I didn't ask about the closet, I just put it in an overhead bin all by itself and shut the cabinet so no one else could use it, and the flight attendant was perfectly okay with that. 
  • I flew Delta and carried my dress on. The flight attendants are glad to put it up in the first class coat cabinet. No real issues to and from Hawaii carrying my dress on/off and through TSA.
  • I am flying Delta myself and was worried about this! Did you get your dressed pressed before you left?
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  • Jenmags - Yes, my alterations lady had to press my dress due to the way I received it from the salon I purchased my dress from. There were minimal wrinkles due to carrying my dress on but nothing like it would have had if I checked it... Or worse if it got lost! I did purchase a jiffy portable steamer that I used the day of before I got married on the beach. It worked okay to get the minor wrinkles out! My dress was made of silk taffeta and was a trumpet/mermaid style so the fabric & style will come into play. I read on the forums prior to my wedding that some girls get their dress pressed at Maui. There is a recommended vendor on Maui for that but I would make reservations before you go. You could always make an appointment if you're worried and cancel it if you don't think you need it. Good luck - you'll be fine with carrying your dress on. Lots of girls do it so it's not anything new to the flight crew :)
  • I should add that any of the other islands should also have vendors to press your gown if needed. I got married in Maui so I know there is one there.
  • Hi Kam,

    Thank you for the info! I purposley purchased a wrinkle friendly dress, but still not sure.  I am going to call the hotel and see if they have steamers I can use. 

    I will be in Waikiki.


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  • Well I just hung up with my hotel and they said they send it out and it's FREE!! If I drop it off by 9am, it will be done by that evening!

    So thrilled!

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  • Great News - Good Luck & Congrats!
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