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Okay, I'll set the scene-

Sunday-dinner at restaurant, 5 of us (mom, dad, gma, brother and I).  H didn't attend because 1.  He doesn't care for certain restaurant that much   2.  He had a few errands he wanted to run   3.  I know he gets tired of hearing my family complain all.of.the.time

I get there, things are pretty standard.  Conversation revolves around mostly life things, we talk about the Zimmerman trial where I tell my dad he won't convince me it wasn't murder...the end.  The food is taking a lot longer than usual, I notice the waitress is gone, she barely makes rounds.  In fact the table nearest us has been there probably 25-30 minutes and she hasn't taken their order.  Brother and I start talking about waitresses and how they don't affect how long food take to be prepared.  I can see the cook line from where I am.  I notice what looks to be the manager cooking on the line...and our waitress is somewhere...wandering.  Still no food.  About 50 minutes has passed. At this point my father has been making aggressive comments and complaining for probably about 10 minutes.  Another 5 minutes has passed, where the waitress has walked to the bar area (which adjacent to where we are sitting) but doesn't come around, and still hasn't taken the order of the table next to us.  I mention this fact...and brother and I have been talking about the lack of attention.  And that if you want to get anything taken care of as far as bad service, you don't tell the waitress, you don't just tip poorly, you TELL MANAGEMENT.  Of course my dad knows EVERYTHING so he disagrees.

I would say it's close to 4:55 (55 minutes after arriving).  Usually we're in an out of a restaurant in 60 minutes...

I start saying

*The service here is never really good, you dont' like it, why come back

*If you want things the way you want them, when you want them ALWAYS, STAY HOME

My grandmother turns to me and says, "Mr. O doesn't like this restaurant?" I replied----"Maybe he just doesn't want to hear everyone complain like this"

My dad says "Well Mr. O is a wuss"


Hold up.

I said "I'm really not happy you just called my Husband a Wuss"

I gathered my purse....and said "I'm going to go"  and the response was "okay, bye"

I walked out.

This sounds so silly, but really...I'm so tired of hearing my dad complain ALL OF THE FUCKING TIME.'s bad enough that Mr. O. will get up in the middle of a meal to leave an area just because he can't handle it.  I suppose I was mostly used to it when working with my family but at this time...I can't do it.  I don't see the point.  I'm just over it.  I suppose I've made a mess of things...but my dad needs to understand that:

-Not everyone agrees with him
-That doesn't make him wrong or right
-Not everyone wants to run a million miles or bike for hours
-That doesn't make people "lazy or weak"
-Honesty is fine
-Brutal honesty just to be an asshole is not
-People don't enjoy complaining as conversation all the time
-Hurting people's feelings is not a sport

THE END.  ---at this point there has been no contact with family and I feel a little silly about it but its been an issue brewing for a bit

Re: Restaurant Walk-Out

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    Sorry for the wall o'text
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    Ugh.  I'm not really sure how not wanting to hear complaining makes someone a wuss, but I know that's confusing to you as well, so I won't ask.

    Sorry you're going through this.

    What does your mom think about all of this?

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    I haven't actually talked with my mom.  I'm sure she feels like I put her in an awkward position, because I KNOW she's had this conversation with me regarding my father's shit attitude.  Ugh.

    I need to just call her and hash it out...or at least apologize for my choice of venue for the blowup.
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    Ah, so she wants you to put up with his negative attitude?  Bummer.
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    apologize for what?
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    The only reason I would approach anything with my mother is basically for losing it in a restaurant.  Not losing it in general. 
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    Well, your parents just discovered that you're an adult, who will decide who she wants to spend her time with and how. And that you won't accept someone insulting your spouse.

    They'll adjust. 

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    AuntFloAuntFlo member
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    I can't get past the fact that you all sat around waiting for your food for so long.  And the people at the other table. WTF.
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    I don't think it sounds silly, just a poor choice for venue.  You shouldn't apologize for your feelings and definitely not for standing up for your husband.

    I was with AF too on waiting.

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    AuntFlo said:
    I can't get past the fact that you all sat around waiting for your food for so long.  And the people at the other table. WTF.
    Right? I won't wait more than five minutes without contact, ten minutes for an order *if* we've been approached and gotten drinks. Who sits for an hour, just waiting to be acknowledged? 

    O, I don't think you did anything wrong, and I don't think you need to apologize at all. 
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    No, we had eaten appetizers, gotten drinks, even refills and then it was *radio silence* for about 20 minutes maybe a bit longer
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    But did anyone approach someone who worked there and ask WTF is up? Maybe because right now if I don't get my food I'm probably going to Hulk out on someone, I'd be making all sorts of noise up in there.

    Also- good for you for standing up for yourself.
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