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Are my bridesmaid gifts lame?

I was going to add something special for each girl... But I ran out of time and money. :(
Here is what I have:
-Monogrammed beach totes from David's Bridal
-A bottle of their favorite wine for the over-21-ers (I got the two sixteen-year-olds their favorite non-alcoholic drinks)
-Victoria's Secret bronzing lotion
-Lotion, candles, & hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works (picked based on their interests)
-Essie nail polish
-Spa socks
-Eye masks

I don't know, I just feel like I didn't do enough... However, I also bought them shoes for the wedding day. Nude heels they can wear ever after the wedding!
What do you guys think? And what did you do for your girls?

Re: Are my bridesmaid gifts lame?

  • I think that sounds like a great gift, I like all the fun stuff!  And buying the shoes was really generous of you!

    I got each of my BM's Alex and Ani bracelets.  I bought them two each.  I'm also springing for mani/pedi's the day before the wedding.
  • Wow, that's very nice of you! I am going to get mani/pedis with the girls, but unfortunately I don't have enough to cover it all. I wish I had planned better for this!
  • That's a lot of stuff! I bought my girls their shoes too, and wanted to get them something a little extra so i can give them something at the rehearsal dinner (they already have their shoes so they can break them in) so i bought them a bracelet with their first initial engraved on the charm. Looks like you spent a lot more than me! I'm not worried about mine at all, I think shoes and something little is more than enough! So you should have nothing to worry about!
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    Your gifts sound great!

    I'm giving my girls robes, bracelets, mini perfumes, body butter, nail polish, macaroons, and small bottles of mimosas. My MOH is also getting earrings and a necklace.

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    I've worried about that too - and like you, I feel like I also ran out of time and money :( I spent four hundred dollars last night finishing gifts for them (five total) and getting our parents each dinner gift cards. It really adds up.

    So I got them each jeweled flip flops for the reception (or to wear while getting ready), blingy bridesmaids tanktops, and a $25 Nordstrom gift card. I'm also paying for their hair (well and part of their makeup - it's a package, which I am covering 90% of). I know that's not supposed to count as a gift but they appreciate it nonetheless.

    I also felt like it was maybe not enough but at the end of the day it's pretty spendy to do anything of substance x5! I also got them nice cards, unique ones for each, and I'm going to write nice notes in them.

  • @drg424, WOW!! Your gifts sound great!! Can I be your BM? Ha well anyway, I had planned what I was going to get each of them as their "big gifts," but it just didn't work out. I feel so bad that I wasn't able to do this. I at least wanted to do something for my maid of honor for all she has done for me. She's even watching my dog and cat while we're on our honeymoon! The past couple days, she has asked me if there was anything I needed, etc. I feel like I need to do something for her, but our budget is exactly what we need to make our final payments and to make it to our honeymoon. Maybe I could get her a gift when we get back?

    I also wrote them all nice notes in their cards... I know none of them are expecting anything, but still! I texted them all asking them to all bring their VS silky robes for getting ready pictures, and knowing one BM didn't have one, I said I had one she could use. She misunderstood and said, "Wow, you bought us robes? That was so nice!!" And of course, now I feel bad explaining to her that I didn't...
  • I think everones gifts sound great!

    I made my girls blingy tank tops for getting ready in, necklaces and a gift card for the salon we are going to.  I still need to get my MOH something extra.  It really does add up fast!  
  • Pair those things with a really heart-felt thank you card, and you're set! Great gifts!!

    I got each of my girls a really beautiful pair of earrings. I paid for their Bridesmaids Dress, and am also paying for them each to have their hair and makeup professionally done for the big day.. Sooo, my budget is pretty strapped. The earrings are really lovely though (each are different).. I hope they feel like it's 'enough'!
  • I ended up getting the BMs a little something extra from Mexico on our honey moon. I think whatever you get they will enjoy.
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    I have been working on my BM's gifts over the past couple of days. It has been a challenge because I'm on a tight budget and I have 10 girls to buy for! I bought some small gift bags at Target and am putting the following in each:

    Nail polish
    Pocket Kleenex
    Mini bath pouf
    Mini Altoids tin
    Card with a handwritten note from me
    [Edit: forgot to add - a mini bottle of liquor... either rum or vodka, and Starbucks gift cards for the girls who do not drink!]

    I wish I could have gotten them something super nice (i.e. shopped for them like it's their birthday which seems to be the popular suggestion on TK) but I just could not afford to. I hope they don't think it's lame. I know they did not agree to be in my wedding to get a gift, but some of them are traveling long distances to get here so I feel like I should have gotten them something more. Oh well. I just tried to get them something useful and I think the note will be a nice touch. :)

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    Hey all: guess what? This didn't end up mattering :) The cards and gift bags were appreciated by all and that really was all that mattered.

    Don't sweat it - promise!

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