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Marriage license and name change

Hello ladies!

I need to know from someone who already got married here, or who knows this stuff.

It's been 6 1/2 weeks since our wedding, and still no license in the mail.  Is that normal?  We got our license through Harris County if that makes a difference.

And from what I understand, I need to have the marriage license to change my name, first at the SS office, correct?

Just wanted to see if anyone knew. 


Re: Marriage license and name change

  • You do have to have your license back to change your name. I did mine first at the DPS and then the social security office, though I don't think it matters which one you do first. You'll also need it to change your name on your bank account if you're going to do so. I think I got mine back in about 5 weeks but they said to expect 6-8 so you should get it soon.
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  • Ok good, I'll wait a couple more weeks before I worry then.  

    Yeah, I know I'll have to change my name on bank account, credit cards, etc.  Just one step at a time!  :)

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