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Okay I know there's a lot of post on meet and greet/ welcome party but I need more information and help! I want to find a place where I can have pizza or apps for my group of 30ish. I've thought of a in suite meet and greet but the room for a Friday night is about 600 and up. And that just seems like a lot, plus I would need to buy the food and drinks. If I pay that much I might as well go to a restaurant and have a sit down dinner. Im looking for a place to mingle and not so serious, but I don't want a bad place at the same time. Does anyone know where I can having a casual get together, or other suites that I can get for cheaper. Thanks so much!!! 

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    Could you do Tequila at Ballys? They have $2 tacos, tequilas, beer, and margaritas, so you could probably get your $$ to go a long way and have a less formal atmosphere. 
    Or maybe Margaritaville in Flamingo? Again, relaxed vibe without needing a sit-down dinner ...

    What's your budget, where are you staying, etc?
  • We haven't set a budget yet but I don't want to pa more than $600-700. I emailed Margaretville but they haven't responded yet. I haven't heard or Tequilas but Ill check it out. We haven't decided a hotel to stay at since out ceremony is at two different locations and im not sure if my guest will all stay at the same hotel. I don't mind where the location is since I would love my guest to see Las Vegas. It will be in August 2014 and HOT!!!

  • So I was going for the same thing you were..something causal. So many places I found had ridiculously high minimums. My goal was to keep it casual and some light appetizers. I finally got lucky after contacting Stripburger. They did not have a set minimum and it's a causal, fun atmosphere. We have the patio reserved for our party, which is around 60 people. They've been really great about working with what I had in mind and the number of people. We are serving mini burgers and fries as passed appetizers and getting everyone's first drink. They also let you choose from El Segundo's menu which is Mexican food since they are attached. 

    It's next Thursday so I'll make sure to provide some reviews after!! 

    Good luck to you!
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    hollystar13 - I just looked back at my emails with Margaritaville & to rent out a space is $1500++ (that's for their smallest area, Tequila Bar, that fits 45 reception style) ... whoops! should have checked that first!

    lnmonty102 - I just reached out to Stripburger, thanks for the advice!
  • Ya let me know how stripburger. Im just trying to stay around $700
  • I'm also interested in hearing about stripburger because we are looking for the same price/option for a similar deal, so let me know what you ladies find out or experience!

  • Where will you and your guests be staying?

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  • I just emailed stripburger! Thanks for the info!
  • VG my guest will be in different location sine my ceremony and reception are two different locations and I don't know their budget so I want them to pick where they want to stay. And the location doesn't really matter because everyone wants to see whats around Vegas
  • VG my guest will be in different location sine my ceremony and reception are two different locations and I don't know their budget so I want them to pick where they want to stay. And the location doesn't really matter because everyone wants to see whats around Vegas
    Well the reason I asked is because cabs in Vegas are not cheap, and guests not familiar with it can encounter cab drivers who don't exactly take the most optimal path from point A to point B, so typically if you're having an official event somewhere for 30 people, you'd want to provide transportation and that's a lot easier if most people are in one location.

    If location is not a concern, Hussong's Cantina at mandalay is great fun and great price.  Diablo's Cantina is on the strip at Monte Carlo and also fun.  You could do the tequila bar at bally's like mnupp mentioned; it's in the back past the casino and actually pretty good.  Flamingo has Carlos & Charlies which is fun but drinks are pricey.  Downtown should not be overlooked but is further to go; there's tons of places down there that would be a lot less expensive than on the strip and people can see the Fremont Experience, etc. while down there after dinner.

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  • I actually exchanged emails with Stripburger and they told me they have minimums for every evening- even a weeknight, the minimum is $1500 which is way past our budget, so unfortunately that doesnt work out. I wonder why they told lnmonty102  that they didnt have a minimum for her group, but that they do for mine....very odd....
  • The contact person I have for stripburger told me there was no minimum and that I will just need to pick a set menu, but I am getting married on a Tuesday in October.
  • Interesting- must be a earlier in the week as I asked about Thursday after Friday and Saturday had the minimums and it still had a 1500 minimum...oh well I guess! :)
  • Hmmm I thought the meet and greet part would be the easiest but its actually hard to figure out
  • I got married on a Sat (4/20) and had no minimum for our party.  We spent about 600 on food (50 guests) and about 500 on drinks (open but limited bar).  ?
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    The Linq will be open by then with many new restaurants. I've seen a list of places opening somewhere but can't find it now.

    Cosmo has a pizza place that's really good and reasonable. 

    Downtown has Pop-Up pizza at The Plaza. Seating was minimal but the suites were inexpensive if you wanted to rent one and bring pizza up. They're pretty nice and recently renovated. The container park will be open by then too, it looks like it's going to be very cool.

  • There are many good suggestions here already, I'd also call around some regular restaurants on the strip (like in the miracle mile shopping area and see if they'd do one without a minimum.  DB's pong and pool's website (, disclaimer: I've not been there) says they'll do 2 hours unlimited PBR and pizza for $20 a head but with tax and tip even that's over your goal. 700/30 is only 23 a head, and I think you'll have trouble hitting that number anywhere on the strip if you're hosting alcohol.

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    There are some great Groupons right now for International Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood. I think it is 2 for $45 and that is unlimited food and drinks. They might have a private room or something. I am not sure.

    I am still working out details for some sort of informal meet and greet. We already have the Vista Suite for two nights so we will probably have it in there and just get some platters or something, even from Costco. I have a mega shopping spree to do on the Thursday when we arrive.

    Good Luck!

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