Help- need to move wedding from Tennessee to Quebec City

Hello ladies, My fiancé lives in Quebec and I live in Tennessee. We were planning a wedding here in Tennessee, but due to visa requirements a wedding in Canada is more feasible. We can marry at my fiancés church, and they have a banquet hall. No date yet, but looking at next summer. I need serious help with vendors and have no idea where to start. I do not speak French, so that could be a barrier as well. And suggestions and recommendations you have are much appreciated! Thank you!

Re: Help- need to move wedding from Tennessee to Quebec City

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    I can't help you with vendors there, as I don't live in Quebec, but having been there often, most people in the urban areas of Quebec do speak English as well.  Can your FI help with the language barrier too??

    If you have a venue already, you've got a big section taken care of.  Set you date to ensure you get your venue.  Take a look at your budget and guest list and then start looking at vendors.  Check out websites for photographers to see if there is a style you like.  Even if those pages are in French, photos are easy to check out.  Good luck

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    Thanks for the support! My fiancé s helping quite a lot. Internet searches are a bit more challenging due to vocabulary differences. For example, DJ's are called Disco Mobiles. Caterers are Traiteurs.  If you have other suggestions, please do not hesitate to post!

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    I don't, sorry, since I never planned a wedding there or in French.  I'm not sure of a lot of the vocab, since I've never had to use it.  I guess get friendly with Google translate??  :)

    Oh, just had a thought.  Check out Wedding Bells (.ca) for vendor ideas.  I used them when planning my wedding.  They used to have forums as well, but I think they've closed.  Someone said a lot of the people who used to post on wedding bells now post at  There are also some at  They don't seem to have local boards, but I think you'd get a lot more response than here, cos this board is normally dead.  Bonne chance!!

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    Thanks Ms. Winston! I will check out those resources today.
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