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Were having a outdoor rustic wedding and doing everything ourself. There is absolutely no lighting but plenty of outlet plugs on one half of the site. We wanted to hang lights from the trees but everywhere we've looked only let you hook up a certain amount before it will blow. Having a professional is out of our budget. Really need help the wedding is right around the corner. Any suggestions?

Re: lighting help

  • Have you talked to the venue?  Investigate LEDs; they use a lot less power.
  • Target carries a couple of different style of solar powered string lights. They are super bright but provide a nice look. Just make sure when you grab them they say solar powered. They aren't cheap, but you can always use them to decorate your yard in the summer for a fun party look w/o the cost of electricity.
  • You can also look into a generator. 
  • I personally think a generator may be too noisy.  But I would look into LED powered lighting, they use a fraction of the wattage as regular bulbs do and should help cut down your draw on the electricity.  There are also battery operated LED lanterns, candles, and solar options out there which should fit into any budget. 


    Good luck!

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