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March 2014 Weddings

outdoor wedding in march??

So my fiance and I have our hearts set on an outdoor wedding but also have picked a march wedding date. We live in north carolina. Its usually pretty nice by then but everyone I talk to keeps telling me it will be too cold. I want the ceremony to be around midday so things will be wrapped up before the temps drop in the evening. Does this seem crazy? Should I just bump the date to keep people from fussing about it?

Re: outdoor wedding in march??

  • If it's your dream to have an outdoor wedding and the weather will be decent enough then go for it! Sadly having an outdoor wedding on March 1st for me is an impossibility as there will be snow everywhere and it will be freezing lol.
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  • I say go for it - its your wedding, its your dream. Is there a way to include something to let your guests know it will be outside? That way if the weather is chilly, they can come prepared. It's not as if the ceremony will last hours. I would not be upset as a guest if I was outside for a bit. I've been to an outdoor mid-summer wedding where the temp was extreme the other way - you just deal with it and support the Bride & Grooms choice! (and hope for an indoor reception :))
  • Have a backup plan.  If it's cold, it would be rude to have your guests outside.  If you want a guaranteed outdoor wedding, I would pick a different date.  I think that the above advice is pretty bad.  It stops being all about the Bride and Groom and what they want when you decide to invite other people.  You need to make sure everyone will be comfortable, it would be incredibly rude to do otherwise.

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  • I would have a back up plan incase of bad weather. Other than that go for it.
  • I'm also having a outdoor wedding in march, hopefully!
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  • We're having an incredibly small, but outdoor wedding in March. We live in the SW so it should be quite a bit warmer, but can still be quite chilly. We will just go with it, and it won't last that long anyways. 
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  • I'm having an outdoor wedding in March. I, personally, think it's rude for guests (who aren't paying for the event) to complain. If they don't like it, they don't have to come. But that is my opinion.

  • I also live in NC and I am getting married 3-8-14.  We have planned an outdoor ceremony (short maybe 20mins), we have posted that information on our wedding website as well as what the weather was like last March.  Not that the weather here is ever the same from year to year :) We did decide that if it is going to be under a certain temperature then we would just do the ceremony inside with everyone sitting at their dinner table and I just wouldn't have my grand entrance. Good luck and hope we have some pretty weather here in March!
  • We are having an outdoor wedding by a lake 3/29/14 in the North GA mountains. So I'm hoping and praying the weather is in my favor. We do have a back up plan for rain (we have a tent on stand by) and we can move the wedding inside if it's just too cold. We are having a 5pm ceremony. I have also decided to have throw blankets set up at the ceremony if anyone needs one.
  • I am having an outdoor ceremony and reception in March and I live in Southern California.  I hope that the weather is nice but these days you never know.  To address your concern, do what you want to do but I would definitely let the guest know that it is outdoors. :) Congrats.
  • My FI and I plan on having our March 29 ceremony outside, and have indicated that on our website. Because weather can be unpredictable in the northeast, our backup plan is to have the ceremony indoors at our venue. At the end of this past March, temperatures were in the high 50s/low 60s. We're hoping for similar temps or even warmer.
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  • I have seen online often where brides supplied pashminas (nothing expensive!) in colors of the wedding or ivory, with a little sign over the basket holding them stating "to have and to hold in case you get cold!" or something cheesy like that.. i thought it was cute :)

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  • Hello! I'm getting married March 1 and our ceremony is outdoors, in South Carolina. I agree with what people have said above. As long as you have a "rain plan", heaters, or a covered tent, you should be fine. I'm crossing my fingers that it won't be too cold. Do what you want! It's your day!
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