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Things don't REALLY go wrong until....

You end up at the emergency room on your wedding night, and have to get 3 stitches! I stepped on a piece of glass (when I was of course barefoot on the dance floor after 4.5 hours of dancing), and stepped on a glass someone dropped. Lots of blood ensued, and my husband and dad took me straight to the hospital. Luckily, when you show up to the ER in a wedding dress, they take you in right away! But otherwise, I had an awesome time, only missed the last 15 min of the party, and we still left for our honeymoon on Sunday (although I needed crutches for the first 2 days!) Getting married to you FI is awesome, no matter what else happens!

Re: Things don't REALLY go wrong until....

  • Yep and I guess that's the point. No matter what happens getting married to your best friend is all that matters. You look wonderful
  • Ooooomg!!!!

    Now, there's a memory for ya!

    You poor thing! Thank goodness it happened at the end of your reception! 

    How did the honeymoon go with stitches???? I hope you were still able to do everything you wanted to!!!
  • holy smokes!! thats insane! Im glad it was at the end of the reception! 

    you look amazing though!! 
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    Thanks! I am so glad it happened at the end too.. What a way to go out! We actually spent the first two days of our honeymoon in Hawaii (and I was told to stay out of the water for a week), so that was a bummer, but the rest of our trip is in Thailand, where most of the activity is on land, so I am good to go!
  • Well said Pam! Glad you had a blast @dem and that it happened at the end of the night!
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