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Married!!!!! aaaaaaaaaand....

Welp, I'm back from the honeymoon, officially maarried! I can't believe that it has all come and gone!!

I was so worried about rain on the 6th...didn't really consider brutally hot and sweltering! Thank god our ceremony was only 15 minutes on the beach! And thank god that we had those program fans and that our wonderful venue provided waters for everyone!
It was SO hot that our venue coordinator upgraded us (for free....a 10,000$ value, which is INSANE!!!) into their ballroom instead of the poolside tent. It was absolutely gorgeous and well ventilated!!! All of our guests were very appreciative of the change in venue. Our dinner rehearsal was in a different tent the night before and it was on the warm side, even with ACs blasting!
We got in last night at 11:30 so I haven't had much of a chance to chat with a lot of people. BUT I did get a ton of texts and conversing with my family, apparently it's all anyone's still talking about! Our DJ was the balls! Had everyone up and dancing around the table, together, with us....it was just awesome.
There is NOTHING I would have changed about the day....
OH and my first-look dress....totally surprised my hubby when I was coming down the aisle :) it was perfect!!!

On top of all of this.....

We found out 6 days before the wedding that I AM PREGNANT! Holy crud, right?! That certainly threw a curveball at everything! I wanted to wait until after the honeymoon to tell our immediate families and after the first appointment to tell others, but with an open bar wedding and the festivities with it (dinner rehearsal, mimosas the morning of, etc) I told my bridesmaids and family beforehand, knowing that it's super early and anything could happen. These people are also the ones I'd reach out to for support if anything did go wrong, so we felt good telling them. Thank goodness I did! They fed me seltzer waters and cranberry juice all night, looked legit like a cape codder! My photographer and videographer also got the news because my hubby sent me a surprise with a note saying he couldn't wait to see me and that he can't wait to see our baby...haha

Anyways!!! It's been a big couple of weeks! Any more to come! We're expecting and we're also closing on our new house on the 31st!

Here are a couple pictures that were sent to me, of the big day! One is the sprarkler exit...I can't wait to see the professional pics of this! The other is with some of my bridesmaids after the ceremony! :)


Re: Married!!!!! aaaaaaaaaand....

  • znd13znd13 member
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    Congratulations! Glad everything went well with the wedding! 
    And congratulations also for the babe on the way! 
    It sure is an exciting time in our lives, huh?! :-)
  • Congrats!  How exciting!  The wedding was great and you're PREGNANT!!!!  AAAH!  I'm so excited for you, on both counts!  AND the house too!  This is all wonderful!  Congratulations again!  :)
  • Congrats!  I love the sparklers :)

    Congrats on the baby!!  That is super exciting  I wish you the best in the coming months with a new house and baby
  • congrats! love the recap! how excited to be closing on a house and expecting!
  • Congratulations!!!! That's so exciting :) Please post more pictures when you have them!
  • MrsH86MrsH86 member
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    ~Happy Wife.... Happy Life~
  • Thanks ladies!! It's all so crazy!
    I'll be sure to post more pictures as I get them....you all better do the same!!! :):)

  • congratulations!! and bless you and the new family!!
  • yay congratulations!!! you are the first July 2013 knottie knocked up!! give this girl a tiara! :) your wedding sounds lovely too :)
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  • drg424drg424 member
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    Aww I just teared up! Congrats, and you looked BEAUTIFUL! I am glad it was everything you hoped for and the baby news is icing on the cake :)


  • Holy smokes!!

    Congratulations!! That is so amazing. You must be THRILLED!!

    Loooove the colour of your bridesmaids dresses, BTW. Just gorgeous!
  • congrats!!! first July 2013 Weddingbaby!
  • Children are a joy. Hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months. I recommend checking on the What to expect pregnancy boards. And Yay for having an awesome wedding you look very happy. Congrats!
  • Eeeee! Thanks again, ladies! :)

    I have about 6 pregnancy apps on my phone and "What to Expect" is one of them! Thanks for the recommendation @pam8787 !

    Dying for August 8th to come...my first ultrasound appointment! I'll be about 9 1/2 weeks along. Fingers crossed for a healthy lil baby!

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