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Navy to Navy, Colocation

My finance will be going from training status to fleet status in 4 months. I am going from training status to fleet status in 6 months. (Neither of us has orders)
What more, other than the 2 page co location application do we both need to fill out so that I have a chance at being co located to his port?

In trying to find everything online, the only instructions on co-location I can find are from 2006, I just wanted to be sure I am looking at the most current instructions.

Also who has experience in this? Please help. 

Re: Navy to Navy, Colocation

  • I'm in the Army so I can't say it's exactly the same, but as far as I know when it comes to being stationed at the same place (attempting to be is the more proper term) all you can do is fill out the paperwork and communicate your wants to your branch manager(s).  I know plenty of couples who participate in the Army Married Couples Program and still don't get stationed together for years at a time.  It is an unfortunate part of being dual military, but then again that is part of the sacrifice we make as members of our military.  Your S1 (or Naval equivalent) should (hopefully) be of some help, they're the ones who handle all the personnel paperwork anyway.
  • Without being married you won't have a very good chance of being based together. I'm not sure how it works with other branches but once you get married in the Air Force and you're both active duty then they look at both bases and based on need they'll send one of couples there... Example: if H is stationed in Korea and W is stationed in Texas and H job is space missiles but they don't have space missiles in Texas then W will be sent to Korea on dual orders if they have a spot for her and her job.
  • You must be married to be colocated. There is nothing else you can do besides fill out the form and be in close contact with your detailer and hope for the best. Needs of the navy come first. My husband is AD sum and I'm AD navy, and we wound up together by complete chance.
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