Good block rates at local hotels?

Need about 60 rooms for out-of-town guests for an April 2014 wedding. Any lucky knotties score a good block deal recently at hotels in Midtown, Centennial Park, or even Buckhead?  Hoping for $90-$125/night!

Re: Good block rates at local hotels?

  • courtyard in buckhead was offering $79/ night for my upcoming Aug. wedding. And they would only do 30 rooms. It could be a place to start
  • Check Marriott Perimeter Center.  They have rates of 109.00 i think... it's a nice hotel since the renovation and a good location.  
  • $119/night at the Regency Suites in Midtown (west Peachtree & 10th) for my 9/28/13 wedding.
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