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want a planner but...

I want a planner but don't think I need one .Anyone not using a planner and are they worth it?

Re: want a planner but...

  • nikola46..Im sure the other ladies will agree that although a planner might be a bit pricey they can be worth it! Im using a planner just to tie in those little details and help me out with certain aspects of the wedding planning process and to be there for me for my big day, i knw im going to need the extra help... Some ladies feel that they can plan it themselves and thats fine however you may want to consider a day of planner just to help get your party together and get the vendors straightened out because your going to be so busy with getting ready and all full of emotions you wont have time to talk to vendors and make sure that everything is in order for your big day!

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  • I agree with @misstira. That's one reason that I decided to go with a planner.Other reasons for me are that I am planning from a long distance so I felt that a planner was necessary to keep up with vendors. Plus I have way too much going on with school and everything so a planner was a good choice for me.
  • i am doing destination and i am cheap
    i didnt want to get one but i had to.... she has been a big help... a lot of weight off my shoulders 
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  • I am and she is totally worth it!  She's been in the business for 20 years and is absolutely a wealth of knowledge when it comes to choosing venues, vendors, and understanding what both the bride and groom want for their wedding in general.  A plus for me is that she has been a great friend and praying partner during all of my planning and personal issues.   She is always there for me.  Love her!

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  • I can talk to my planner about the wedding and not get nasty pov like i get from my MOH 
    she has ideas that i never though of and is usually more objective than your close friends.... 

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  • My Planner was the best spent money of my entire wedding imo. She was my everything lol. She was the day of coordinator as well & thats where I would say she was most helpful. I literally did NOTHING the day before & the day of except marry the love of my life. As far as the planning portion, I think you can easily get away with out having someone but I'd say a day of coordinator is totally worht the $$.
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    I didnt plan on having a planner but she camw with the plan and then turned into my full wedding planner and like the ladies said.. it is a great investment and super helpful... I havent got to my wedding day but I feel no stress (involving any meeting of vendors, ect) ..

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    I'm not using a planner; however, my venue provides a DOC and she has been awesome.
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  • Good to know I will start searching for someone!
  • I don't have one but I do have a DOC from the venue. She is really nice.  
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  • I do not have a full service planner because I am planning everything myself.  My venue also has a DOC for an additional charge so I just went with that.  She has been great!  Im glad I decided to go with her.  I want things to go as smooth as possible the week of...
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  • I will definitely be needing one since we have chosen to have a destination wedding and I have been to too of my close friends wedding and they swear having a planner is a must if having a big or destination wedding
  • I plan to hire a day of coordinator, my hall comes with a helper but i want someone who can decorate also
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