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Second Weddings

The Second Time is going to be BETTER!

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are all enjoying the planning of your second wedding! To me, it's more like a FIRST!  Got married waaay too young the first time around.  Blinded by "love"!  My ex and I parted ways after 2 years of marriage,but we parted as friends, which I am sure is very rare these days. We both had so much we needed to do on our own before we could be part of a "we".  Now I am engaged to a fantastic guy-both of us have our lives in order and are ready to take the plunge!  This is his first marriage and I'm kind of considering it my first as well.  The first time around we eloped, so there was no photographer, no family, no gown,nothing!  I can't imagine i was so naive and silly back then!  But this time around we're going all out.  I'm going to be the "princess" I never got to be last time-a gorgeous gown, a makeup artist, a DJ and a band, 7 bridesmaids, and the whole family!  Really looking forward to this!  What about you?

Re: The Second Time is going to be BETTER!

  • kryan32kryan32 member
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    My first wedding was 25 years ago - we were married for 16 years - so I was on my own for a long time.  I know I'm a completely different person than I was back then so it's only natural that my wedding will be completely different this time around.  We're not doing all the traditional things, but everything about our wedding means something special to us - from including our kids in the ceremony to the music we're playing to the set-up of the reception, etc...  This wedding is all about our love for each other and I am *so* excited I can barely stand it!

    I don't have a very supportive family, but the closer we get to the wedding the less I am stressing about it...

    Take care,


  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    Congrats on your engagement! I was married too young as well and parted ways amicably. We both realized it was the right thing to do. I met me now husband and even though it's the second marriage for both, we were so excited to get married. We actually were the opposite, though, with our wedding as we both had huge, traditional, expensive weddings the first time around and none of it fit who really are. So, this time around, we kept things simple, intimate, and extremely personal. We had a DW with no guests and no drama! You learn more about yourself as time goes on, so a second wedding is typically more your personality and the way you really want things to be as opposed to what everyone else wants. So, enjoy your planning and each other!


  • Yeah our wedding is a mix of a traditional and personalized. we have all the traditional vendors but we aren't having it a NJ reception hall. We are having it at a women's club. we have our caterer that is throwing in New Orleans/southern themed food.and Our wedding is Mardi Gras/ New Orleans inspired. Its going to be a little less big but this is fi's first and I am not going to punish him and his family because of my past.
  • Hi and congratulations! I hear ya and am totally with ya! I too am getting married for the second time (in 12 days!!!!!!!) and it is totally different this time around. The first time was 18 years ago (holy moly I feel old! LOL!) and I was young, naive, had no self worth and settled for everything. My mom and sister pretty much planned my wedding so I missed out on everything. My mom made my dress and I was married at a Holiday Inn. My fiance was married by the JoP so he did nothing at all! Well, this time it is totally different for the both of us. We are getting married at our church, where we met. We have about 100 guests and although we are not doing all of the traditional things at our wedding we are treating it like it is our first! I was able to have the wedding dress shopping experience with my mom and sister that I never had before. It meant so much to me! Our kids will be a part of the ceremony as well so we are super excited and so are they! Not going over the top but definitely not settling for anything! I have planned the wedding of my dreams and am finally marrying my best friend! It will indeed be BETTER!! It's going to be the BEST! :) 
  • jw875jw875 member
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    SO happy for ALL of you!  :)
  • My first Wedding was a Catholic traditional wedding all the way around.  Loads of people in town.

    It lasted 3 months.......(hey I beat Kim K!) ;)

    THIS TIME AROUND......we are having a destination wedding in Hawaii at Sunset.  We have 30 guests, it is going to be amazing! Also, I never had my real friends in my previous wedding.  This time, they are my Bridesmaids.

    I am very excited! Plus, we are in love!  It will be nearly 8 years together :D





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  • Kim K sure set the bar low, didn't she?  You are probably the third person I've heard use that reference.  :)
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