July 2013 Weddings

Re: Pro pictures blog post

  • Love them!! The ring bearer/flower girl picture is adorable.
  • I smiled all the way through every picture. They look amazing. Congrats!
  • LOVE your pictures!!! You made such a gorgeous couple!!!
    Literally spent 15 minutes going through them! Your photographer did an awesome job :)

    Are you having an album made??? You're going to have a hard time choosing the ones to go in it!!!!!

  • @kls33145 My photog literrrally just posted an article about having them made! 
    buttt im pretty sure I opted out of one )= 
    I think im going to look into now.. 
  • drg424drg424 member
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    Yay! Love these thanks so much for sharing!! I hope everyone here posts their pics :) We have a some back, but mostly from a friend-photographer, not our real-photographer (yet).

    I keep thinking I need some sort of landing spot to post pics of mine. I guess maybe I'll just start a tread here and do the same.

    These are wonderful and your wedding looked like it was absolutely perfect - all of it! :)

  • Thank you! and yess please start your own thread @drg424 theyre easier to find now since posting slowed down
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