July 2013 Weddings

Wish me luck!

I'm outta work in a couple hours and off to do some last minute errands with one of my BMs (she's flying in RIGHT NOW!). Super excited to see everyone and have all my favorite people in one place :)

Btw--I've so enjoyed seeing all of your pictures. Keep 'em coming!

Re: Wish me luck!

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    Good luck to you!!!! :)

    Remember, the day flies by SO fast - so find some way to force yourself to slow down, take it all in, and enjoy it!


  • good luck!!! Have a wonderful day and come back to see us!!
  • Yay! Good luck!
  • Best to you :-)

    My advice is same as PP- make sure you find some way to slow it down.  One thing I wanted to do was take time out of reception, even 15 minutes, to take photos or just talk to my FI.  Another thing that worked for my SIL on her wedding day is to keep watch of the clock and every 15 minutes just try to take it all in. Also, if any problems come up, talk to your FI, even if it's just on the phone.  Most of all, don't get bogged down in the details.  Just make sure you have a good time!
  • Good luck!!

     I'm about to leave work lor the last time too! I didn't get everything wrapped up that I wanted to, but oh well. I can't believe I'll be married in just a few days!!!

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