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Pregnant MOH

 My sister just found out that she was pregnant, and I honestly couldn't be happier for her. However, once her original joy and excitement wore off she started freaking out. My wedding is next June and she is due next April-ish. Obviously when she goes to get her dress she will not be the same weight/measurements..so how would she order it? And I am by no means trying to force her to lose the weight, I just want to lessen her worry. Thanks!

Re: Pregnant MOH

  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut mod
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    The bridal consultants probably deal with this situation often. She could order up a few sizes frrom her regular size and have the dress altered, if needed. Or she could wait until after the baby is born and try to buy something off the rack. 

    Congratulations on the new baby!
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Once giving birth, they say you still look about 6 months pregnant.  But baby weight is sort of different for different women.  Is this her first baby?  If not, you could probably look back to her post-baby body from before.  Also, as MairePoppy said, this is probably fairly common in bridal salons and they should be able to advise you.  Just make sure you order larger instead of smaller because you can always take the dress in, letting it out is a different story.
  • One of my friends is having the opposite issue, in that her MOH/sister is going to be about 8 months pregnant at the wedding. They don't know necessarily how big she'll be and what size and all, so what they did was pick an empire waist gown. That way, if there's extra fabric you won't be able to tell because it's supposed to be draped and if she's a bit bigger all that extra draping will come in handy because it's extra fabric :-) Maybe you could do something similar, with a loose silhouette that will be more forgiving and won't require it to be tailored to her perfectly. 
  • One of my BMs just announced she's pregnant.  She's due at the beginning of February and my wedding is the very end of March.  The bridal shop I went to said its best to take measurements at the 4 month mark.
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  • One of my BMs just announced she's pregnant.  She's due at the beginning of February and my wedding is the very end of March.  The bridal shop I went to said its best to take measurements at the 4 month mark.
    I wouldn't consider that hard and fast science.  I've had 3 kids.  First one - I was still wearing my street clothes until the middle of the 5th month. I was back in my street clothes in 10 weeks.  Second one - I was still wearing street clothes until about 4 1/2 months, back in my street clothes at around 3 months.  Third one - I was wearing maternity clothes at about 3 1/2 months, and back in my street clothes in 3-4 months.

    OP - Is this her first baby?
  • There's two months between her due date and the wedding. Would you be willing to just give her some guidelines (color, fabric or length) and let her get a dress after she has the baby? 2 months is plenty of time to get something off the rack.
  • Tell her to order three sizes up. She can always take in fabric easier than getting more put on. 
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  • Thank you all for the suggestions! This isn't her first child, and she didn't really gain much weight with her first one, but she's still worried, because after her first she had more time to get back into shape.

     I also heard to have them measured around 3-4 months because that could be what she looks like afterwards, and it is much easier to take a dress in than let it out.

    With the dress, she's the one that picked out in the first place and has her heart set on getting it, because my only requirement was the designer and the color/length. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  • I'm pregnant, due in November, and my best friend's wedding is in May 2014. The bridal salon already told me that come December we will order the dress a size bigger just in case. So I wouldn't stress they will no what to do when you go in for dresses and measurements.
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  • I am pregnant myself, due Aug. 25. My wedding is 11/30/13. I didn't have a dress picked out before finding out we were expecting, so I found the dress around 4 months pregnant. They ordered the dress two sizes up because it is easier to take the dress in, than to add more fabric. (They said one size up could have been enough, but I'm naturally quite "busty" and planning to breast feed, so we went ahead with two!)
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