Dress is definitely going to be too small...

I am going to pick up my dress on's a trumpet style corset dress.  I think I have gone up about a size (I stress eat when I am overwhelmed--medical stuff), and it was a little small when I got it.  It is a gorgeous dress and fit perfectly with a tiny bit bigger modesty panel in the back...but now I know it'll be a little tighter.  I feel down.  :-(  I hope it can be let out a size or two if I need it to be.  Life is hard.  Fiance has PTSD, I have it as well from my fathers horrific death, and I don't know what to do...eating just comforts me sometimes. 
Could use some words of encouragement...
Thanks you guys... :)
PS...this is the dress...

Re: Dress is definitely going to be too small...

  • Hang in there!  I believe they'll be able to let it out one size.   I'm an emotional eater as well so I know what you're going through.  Don't be down on yourself or you'll get even more emotional and the cycle wont end.  After a bad experience at Alfred Angelo a few weeks ago I was in the same rut. Depressed and no confidence in myself.   It wasn't until this week that I got out of it and got my confidence back.  We all go through the ups and downs and seamstresses can work miracles.  It'll be okay.
  • that dress is gorgeous.  Most dresses can be let out up to one size.  Just really work on keeping your water intake up... and do the best you can to stop stress eating.  Keep a lot of healthy foods around the house... and get rid of ALL junk. 
  • It helps that the dress has a corset back because dresses can usually be taken out a size and then the corset back will help with a little extra wiggle room. Worse case scenario if taking it out doesn't work and it's still too tight, they can add in panels. You'll need a very good seamstress though (I don't recommend the David's bridal staff) so that any panels added match and flow with the dress's design and are put in the right place. Don't blame yourself for stress eating, that will only make matter's worse because then you'll feel bad about feeling bad and that's a vicious cycle. Breathe, your dress will work itself out and you know what you and your fiance need to work on mentally. Just remember that this is a happy occasion and he's gonna love you a size 2 or size 22. 

  • Thank you everyone for your responses.  I am really grateful.  I went and picked it up last night and it fit, just barely. LOL  I need a bigger modesty panel in the back, but here is the dress on me...please don't mind the incredibly messy hair and no make up.
  • You look beautiful!!!  I agree with LeSwan85, it is all going to work out and your day will be as beautiful as you are!
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  • You look amazing!!!! 
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  • Gorgeous, gorgeous! His jaw is going to hit the floor. As a stress-eater myself, I can definitely relate.  Lately I've been learning to channel my stress in different ways, like going for a walk or working out.
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  • Beautiful!!!!
  • Looks Awesome!!
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