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Zoot suiters

I feel like a complete scatter brain because my fiance threw off my entire vision when he refused to wear "a monkey suit" and insisted he is wearing a zoot suit. What kind of venue would be suitable for this type of wedding

Re: Zoot suiters

  • OOH I like the Zoot suit.  Not sure on venue, When I googled Zoot suit, 1920s came to mind so like the swinging party time or Marilyn Monroe.
  • Any ballroom, pub, elks club, some vfw's. Some country clubs. Historic registry buildings, old style theaters/ historic theaters outdoor amps- theater, estates, other civic meeting places, Private dinning clubs. Where house space, a car museum, a foundry, a brewery. Hope this helps.
  • And I found someone else doing this for the same reasons. Lol too funny. I'm having mine in a banquet hall.
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