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October 2013 Weddings

Reception Game

So we are getting married at this restaurant.  http://www.orangecountyminingco.com/#/weddings-receptions/

I just saw this on TK's fb page and thought it looked really cute. 

Do you think it will be too cheesy? 

Re: Reception Game

  • I'm doing this!!!  I'm not using that template but I thought this would be something fun as a keepsake from the day as well as give us a good laugh during the honeymoon!  I've attached a picture of the one we are going to model ours after.  I thought the "marriage advice" would be funnier.
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  • I did something like this for my bridal shower, which was fun... but do not plan on providing any games for our guests at the reception. There will be free booze and food and coffee, as well as an awesome DJ. That's entertainment enough, IMO. To each their own, though.
  • I like it. I say go for it. I people don't like it, then they just won't fill it out. Most weddings I've attended have had some personal "game" or extra thing for guests. I've seen photo puzzles for kids, photo booths, photo montage slideshow, advice slips of paper, and a sort of bride/groom how well you know them game. I agree that most games are often seen at the bridal shower, but I really enjoy them at the wedding itself. 

    5 hours of cocktail hour, dinner, open bar and dancing gets to be a reallllly long time (IMHO) and the personal touch is a lot of fun.
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  • rkborkbo
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    Great, thanks ladies. 

    We are doing something different for our "kids" table...

    I am going to make a centerpiece that looks similar to this. 

    And we are going to also have a good collection of lego's at the table. We have 11 kids that will be at the wedding and 10 of them are all boys and sitting at the same table. They are all of our nephews. Ranging in age from 7 - 16 and they are all obsessed with legos. :) I haven't figured out yet how I am going to put them on the table, whether in a large fish bowl type thing, or something. Any suggestions? 

    OH, and because we know how bored kids can get at events like this, we are also going to give each of them a disposable camera with a scavenger hunt type check off list. For example, 1. Take a selfie picture 2. get a picture with the brides 3. get a picture with someone's grandma...and so on. It should be interesting and really funny to see some of those pictures. I'm thinking about only giving them 10 things to do and they can take whatever pictures they wanted after that.  Any suggestions on types of pics they should take?

    Thanks, you guys are awesome!

  • rkborkbo
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    snippet17 said:
    Not into them. They seem cheesy.

    NO to disposable cameras.  Everyone I know that gives them out to people get lots of penis, boobs, and bathroom pictures.  
    hahaha, if I got that from 7 - 16 year old boys I would die! Its just for the kids table...not my drunken friends

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