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I'm married too! RECAP :)

Hi! I am married, too! I’ve been meaning to stop in here and catch up with you ladies – congrats to the July 12-14 brides!!!!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Okay, here is my obligatory post and some free advice for those of you still on deck J

1.       What they say is true: the day is a TOTAL blur!! It goes by SO FAST I can barely remember any of it. The day of getting ready draggggggged on and then once the ceremony hit, it was like things just went one after another, so fast, and I was on a roller coaster until the end (which came SO quickly). I don’t know how I could have done it differently, but seriously try to take a moment every so often to regroup, refocus and think about your day and the events.

2.       I have one HUGE regret which is that I didn’t get to personally thank and chat with everyone in attendance L It feels SO rude looking back. I had every intention too, but by the time I got into the reception, it was time for the dances/speeches/cake and then it was over. I have been spending most of the past two days trying to reach out to those people I missed and I still feel terrible L Please try to say hi to everyone and push back against family or whoever might try to pull you around all night.

3.       Don’t drink too much – I’m glad I didn’t and honestly I could have done without at all. I took two shots with the girls before the ceremony and just that much made me more giggly than I meant to be. I was so hyped up all night from the whirlwind that I didn’t need to drink!

4.       The photos take a long time, it’s true. It was nearly 2 hours into the reception before husband and I finally got to go in.

5.       EAT. Our wedding party didn’t get to (because of pictures) and husband and I basically inhaled a small plate of apps in the bridal suite before being announced.

6.       Things go wrong – try to let it go. My French bustle ripped my dress, people stepped all over my dress, the venue ran out of food, I barely saw my husband, the photo booth was stuck outside because the venue didn’t make space for it, etc. These things suck and are frustrating in the moment but a week into marriage I couldn’t care less.

I hope it doesn’t sound like it isn’t magical – because it is. It’s just SO much planning and envisioning for a day that flies by and doesn’t go according to plan, or last very long!

And of course, here are the pics J


Re: I'm married too! RECAP :)

  • You couldn't tell by looking at your pictures that nothing was ever wrong. Everything looked perfect. You look so pretty and your gown was beautiful! Good advice you gave. I'm going to try and slow down and take it all in! Congratulations
  • I too hate that I didn't speak to each guest. I definitely could have done it had I made more of an effort... but I totally got swept into the day, and just sort of stuck with the 50% of the guests that I know the best (my close friends). Looking back, I really feel like I neglected my Groom's extended family.. and I HATE that. I have made a mental note that he and I will make special trips to their towns over the next year or two to spend quality time with them to make up for it!!
  • gorgeous! congrats!
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    Thank you very much @qmczmm6!! I don't even remember half of these photos, that's how much of a blur it was!

    @theretamaragoes it makes me feel better that I am not the only one :( I am trying to add my husband's family on FB and update my page with photos of the guests that I've been collecting, etc., but yeah, I still really really really regret not talking to everyone! It just happens, I guess.

  • You looked so pretty! Congrats :). I'm sorry you had some troubles. But you know what's funny to me after reading your post? DH and I did take the time to thank every guest and that was something I later wondered if I should have done. I'm sure it was appreciated but again it goes back to how fast everything went and I feel like I did hardly anything that was for my enjoyment. I was so worried about everyone else. I wished dancing would have been longer, that I would have spent more time in the photo booth that I later found out my mom splurged on to surprise me, and I wish I would have had time for some twilight pictures with my DH... Would have slowed things down to allow me to take it all in.

    But you know what... I think it's cuz it was our wedding day. You have so many expectations going into it so you just naturally second guess things. That came to me as I saw how what you regretted not doing, I questioned whether I should have done it.
  • I love your hair! Do you by chance have any upclose pics of your hair style? My wedding is next weekend and my preferred style is like yours.
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    Thanks, @rooey5004. I guess the grass is always greener. I missed out on our photo booth too :( I honestly can't think for the life of me where the time went! It must just be a "thing" to not, as the bride, get to take it all in. I wish the day had been longer, too!

    @Wheels987 thank you and sure! I don't have any photographer pics back yet but here are the ones I do have:


  • Thanks! I asked for big loose curls, half up. Your curls are gorgeous!
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    No prob! I put a root boost type product in my hair the night before and let it air dry while I slept. Then we used tons of Big Sexy Hair hairspray. I would say it held up most of the night for sure, and even though I don't have straight hair, it's so long that it won't hold a tight curl all the way through - so I was impressed!

  • ohh you look gorgeous!! I love love love your flowers!
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  • You looked great. I am happy to say that I took out time to visit with each table. And I am so glad I didn't have anything to drink but I did not get to eat either, lol.
  • I totally agree with everything you said! I feel so bad that I didn't get to talk to certain people, some who flew across the xountry to see me! I feel so bad, but what can you do?

    By the way, you looked gorgeous!! I love your hair and now wish I had worn mine down...
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    Thank you! Glad I am not the only one - it STILL bugs me!

    BTW, I guess the grass really is greener on the other side. I wish I had worn my hair up and it's the one thing I didn't care for looking at the pics! :)

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