Wedding colors - themes

do you have a wedding theme? if so. what is it?
what are your wedding colors?

Re: Wedding colors - themes

  • I don't have a theme per se. My colors are black, white and plum with silver/bling accents :D Just going for a touch of elegance I guess
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    I suppose I have a watercolor theme.  My color palette is inspired by peacocks- shades of blues and purples with a few hints of gold and lime green.  
    I'm handpainting my invitations and escort cards and am obsessed with cakes like this <-(clicky) Plus, I am incorporating white peacocks into the design scheme.

    How about you, Grace?? Do you have colors picked?

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    No theme. My colors were Lavender, Light Blue, and White
  • Seafoam green, ivory & yellow! :)
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    No idea, probably something autumn-ish involving yellows, oranges, and warm earth tones. I guess the theme is "New England in the Fall." I grew up in CT, but for many of our guests from the southwest and Midwest, this will be their first time in New England, so we wanted a season and venue to show it off! My plan is to ask each BP to pick out her own cocktail-length dress in whatever solid fall color she likes: yellow, orange, darker purple, dusty rose/red, brown...they're welcome to coordinate if they'd like, or make sure they're each wearing a different color, but I'm not particular about that. They all have an awesome sense of style, and after planning out every detail of the rest of the wedding, it'll be fun to have at least something be a surprise!
  • @Nitro1110 not yet. my favorite colors are gold, purple, pink and black. I am thinking on joining and start making my own inspiration boards.
  • Our wedding was a Sunday afternoon spring wedding.  Our colors were yellow and green and our overall theme was trees.  Our table names were trees, centerpieces were a slice of tree trunk with a mason jar with yellow gerber daisies in it surrounded by twig votive lights.  Our ketubah was trees, our guestbook was a thumbprint tree, our chuppah was made from tree branches.  Our seating cards were located in logs and our cake was a tree trunk with our initials carved in it to match our invitations.  It was pretty cool and we did 90% of it ourselves
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  • I am having a rustic theme and my colors are various shades of purple, silver and white.
  • we're kind of doing like a alice inspired vintage-y tea party (more of a motif), so we're doing muted greens, pinks/corals/oranges/peach, purple, blue. pretty much just a muted color palette.
  • I love what you're doing for the bridesmaids' dresses!  Autumn in New England is like living in a overflowing jewelry box. The variety in dress colors will echo the season in a beautiful and practical way.  
  • I love pastel like colors but we are looking to tie the knot in October.   Still haven't made a solid decision for that.
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