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Parts of the Ceremony?

I am getting married June 21, 2014. My fiancé and I have both been previously married, to other people, and are having our ceremony at the same site as our reception. I am unsure what the parts of a civil ceremony are. I would like to include family members in it, but I don't even know how much of an option that is since I'm unsure what the parts of the ceremony are. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Parts of the Ceremony?

  • I've been working on writing our ceremony for our late September wedding.  The first thing to do is to research the legal requirements for your state.  In my state (RI), there were only 2 things we legally had to include - declaration of intent (this basically says you're freely entering into the marriage without coersion) and the "I dos".  Once you know your legal requirements, you can start researching sample ceremonies, readings, traditions/rituals and see what works for you.  Once I started doing the research, I was shocked how quickly I was able to put together a rough draft that both my FI and I were happy with.  We're still tweaking a little (I want to add a 'for better or worse' type vow, the intro needs a little polishing), but we've got a basic, working outline that we're both happy with.  Good luck writing your ceremony!  Hopefully you'll enjoy the process.
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