Ceresville Mansion Feedback?

Hi lovely brides!

I was wondering if anyone had attended a wedding at Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, MD and could tell me a little about how the space felt. I visited the property and loved it, but I'm a little concerned about the space on the dancefloor. Did anyone feel that it felt cramped? Thanks very much!

Re: Ceresville Mansion Feedback?

  • I shot a wedding here... it did feel al ittle cramped, but the couple had a lot of guests. I guess it depends on how many guests you have. 
  • I have been to several wedding at Ceresville Mansion and the dance floor was perfectly fine. The space can feel a bit small depending on how large the wedding is but even the biggest wedding I was at had a dance space that was nice. Plus they have that outside space where people can hang out as well as the bar area. I like it a lot!  Good luck!
  • This is where we recently booked our October 18 2014 wedding. Cannot wait! My cousin went to a wedding there and said its a bit crowded if you have a lot of guests - she said to keep it around 120 guests at most.
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