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any bridal corner chicopee brides out there?

so i am from central connecticut and a plus size bride. i have fallen in love with the bonny unforgettble line unfortunaly everyone listed on the bonny website does not carry the line or no longer carrys the unforgetable line. one salon near me is able to get a few of the bonny gowns on loan for me to try on.. but i want the full experience to try on more than a few gowns.. i finally found out that bridal corner in chicopee has the unforgettble line and i was very excited until i saw the reviews on the place very mixed reviews. i would be an hour drive to the place to try on gowns and a hr back home.. 

i have made apointments localy in ct to try on some morliee gowns and the 3 bonnys if i dont find anything there this place would be my last stop.. 
are there any brides out there who went to this salon how was the experience were they rude? friendly, sometimes those reviews are not always the salons fault so i want to get some reviews from knottie brides who went there

Re: any bridal corner chicopee brides out there?

  • It's been a long time since I was there. My aunt got married a few years ago and we went to look for flower girl dresses. My sister was heavy set and the consultant made several unprofessional, unfriendly comments about her weight. To make comments about a child's weight is awful.

    When I went bridal shopping this store was not even a consideration, but if they have what you are looking for you may find it works for you.


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  • I just went there a few weeks ago and was nervous too after reading the reviews online.  I'm plus size too(22/24) and they do carry that unforgettable line because I tried one on that I loved.  They were very nice to me, but I felt very pressured to buy and I really wasn't ready.  Good Luck!
  • I had an AMAZING experience there, I'm not sure what happened to you guys, very sorry to hear that. Anywho, I had this one consultant, looked everywhere for the card but no luck so no name mystery here, who was FANTASTIC! She had a bit of an accent, but she knew exactly what would look good on me. I had my own idea of what I thought would fit my body and was humbly proven wrong! I had just had a horrific experience at David's Bridal and thought I would never find a dress. My lady took great care of me and we formed a bit of a bond. She showed that she cared and wasn't into the idea of just making a sale -- she really wanted to help me find the dress of my dreams. I went in May, she at the time had short-midlength hair with straight across bangs. Hope I helped (a bit late though)
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