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We just go engaged 9 days ago at the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris in Las Vegas.  We both have small families and a group of close friends.  We were considering going back to Paris in Las Vegas because it is such a special spot for us now.  I also love Paris and my dream is to go to the real Paris France, so my Fiance thinks it would be even more special.  I am split 50/50 about the idea.  I am just unsure about a destination wedding, I want a traditional wedding and we could do it in Paris.  I am also worried that it is asking a lot for our guests to pay for flight, hotel, transportation, and still feel obligated to give a gift.  Any feedback would be very helpful!  Thank yyou!

Re: Paris, Las Vegas Wedding feedback

  • Congratulations on the engagement!  

    I am doing a destination wedding in Las Vegas!  Vegas has always been special for my FI and I so it just seemed right (he proposed at The Trump).  We are planning on asking for no gifts, we just want everyone to come and celebrate with us. 

    The one negative I've experienced so far with a Vegas wedding is people come out of the woodwork wanting to come.  People are always looking for a good excuse to escape to Vegas!  So, I've had a couple sticky situations, but other than that the planning has been fun and we are really looking forward to it!

    There is also a Vegas board, you might try posting on there to see if anyone has used or is planning to use Paris Las Vegas.  There are lots of good ideas on there!  

    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
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    Before you go any further with the idea of getting married in France, look up the legal hurtles. They are pretty big. It's not an easy place to get legally married. That said, you don't have to do the legal ceremony there. And a symbolic one will cut through all the shit you don't need to do.

    As for the asking people to travel - it's your wedding. Do what makes you happy. The last thing you want to say down the road is "I really wish we could have made France work." If you are just as happy with Vegas - do Vegas! I agree with PP, your guests are looking for reasons to visit Vegas. They might also be looking for an excuse for a trip across the Atlantic. Figure out who your VIPs are, and ask them their opinions. I think you'll find that they are with you 100%.
  • I've been to a couple Vegas weddings and it is a fun place for people to come together. It does seem like people get a little crazier than normal! It might depend on what you think your guests would enjoy and what feeling you want your wedding to be. France would be amazing! If it is too complicated, you could do the official wedding at the courthouse and ceremony there. We're considering that right now for our destination wedding.
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