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How to thank aunts in program/wording help!

So two of my aunts (mom's sisters) have been very helpful with planning and helping finance my wedding. My fiance and I are paying for the bulk of it ourselves, but they did buy my dress and paid for the DJ. My fiance's parents and my dad are paying for the food. Of course, other people are helping with little things as well. Do I need to thank my aunts by name in the program? I'm sure it would be nice to, and I feel really like they have just helped so much. I just wasn't sure if it was appropriate? Like will other people who maybe don't know that they contributed financially be offended? Does it even matter?


Re: How to thank aunts in program/wording help!

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston
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    I agree too.  Programs list the players and ceremony points.  They are not thank-yous for financial contributions or other help.  If you want to recognize anyone's contribution to your wedding, then write them personally a nice thank-you note.
  • Gotcha. Thanks!
  • In addition to writing them a thank you note, you could consider recognizing them as honored guests with a corsage.
  • You could also thank them in a brief "thank you" speech at the reception. I'm used to seeing the couple stand up after the toasts to briefly thank their guests (though of course, individual thank yous are still necessary), parents, and anyone else who helped make the day happen.
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