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mgm or platinum hotel in suite reception

I am looking to throw and in suite reception either at mgm or the platinum hotel. I do not want to have it catered, I am only having about 20 guests so I am buying a cake and some take out for all of the quests. I have been reading all over that mgm allows outside food in their suites however when i contacted the hotel they told me that they do not allow outside food. Does anyone know if this is a change in policy or do they just not care if people sneak food in? Have any of you thrown a reception at either of these hotels? what was your experience like?

Re: mgm or platinum hotel in suite reception

  • I've been thinking of booking with platinum hotel for our in suite reception too! Hopefully some people can point us in the right direction :)
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  • Technically no hotel allows you to have outside catering but most will look th  other way if you don't draw attention to yourself.
    We did our rehearsal dinner at the Platinum. I kept it really low key. Bought a bunch of beer & wine and had Jason's Deli deliver our dinner. My mom & grandma went to let them into our room while we were finishing up the rehearsal. We had tons of extra food and smacked on leftovers for the rest of the weekend.
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