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what are you having the bridal party walk out to? and what are you and your new hubby walking in to?

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Re: Music choices

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    I need help with bridal party processional too!

    I am walking into "A Thousand Years" - played by the Vitamin String Quartet. And our recessional is "Tell Me" by the band SOJA.

    Also any suggestions for the father daughter dance? I was going to do Forever Young by Rod Stewart... but that song is a little on the faster side and both me and my dad are not good dancers so I am thinking I need something slower.

  • father daughter dance we are doing tim mcgraw's my little girl! 
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  • My bridal party processional will walk into "Baby I Love You" by The Ronnettes.  I will walk in to "She" by Elvis Costello.  Father/Daughter dance I'm hoping will be "Sweet Child of Mine" by G&R but that will be a tricky one to dance to...
  • The bridesmaids are walking to The Marriage of Figaro: Duetto-Sul Aria (Mozart).  I am walking in to La Califfa sung by Sarah Brightman.  The music/singing is magical, and it's in Italian (which is good, because the actual lyrics aren't wedding/loved themed).  We chose these for the "drama" factor.  Our recessional song is Ode to Joy.

  • Our Processional is All You Need Is Love and our Recessional is God Blessed The Broken Road. :)

  • My Dad and I are dancing to Bob Dylans version of Forever Young!  Way better than Rod Stewart's, in my opinion :o)

    You can listen to it here: 
  • I was thinking of having the bridal party walk out to Marry Me by Train, and I wanted to walk out to the end of Marry You by Bruno Mars.  Recessional, I'm thinking "All You Need is Love".
    Father Daughter dance will be a 50's merely, starting off with My Girl and going into the Twist and Mashed Potatoes...  Mother Son dance will be She Loves Me Like A Rock by Paul Simon
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